ZBA Decision

Decision on Chapter 40B Chapter Comprehensive Permit Application
The Residences of South Brookline - The Residences of South Brookline LLC

Scanned Version of Decision Filed with the Town Clerk on February 20, 2015

Notice of Decision mailed to abutters February 20, 2015, within 300-foot radius of each parcel

Earlier Drafts of the Decisions

DRAFT Decision dated February 2, 2015 - 1:35 pm
     > Track Changes Version (Document Compare of February 2, 2015-1:35 pm Draft with December 15, 2014 draft)
     > Clean Version of February 2, 2015-1:35 pm Draft (Track Changes turned off)

DRAFT Decision submitted December 15, 2014 to Zoning Board of Appeals

Comments on the Draft Decision dated December 15, 2014

     > Steven Schwartz, Esq, Goulston and Storrs, on behalf of the Applicant - 12/22/2014

     > Jay Talerman, Esq., Blatman Bobrowski & Mead, on behalf of abutters - 12/20/2014

     > Members of the Public: See Letters to the ZBA December 2014