Premise Search Requests

The Brookline Fire Prevention Division is often asked to search our property database for various pertinent data. These requests frequently seek information pertaining to locations of previous oil tanks and/or their removal. We are instituting a new policy governing this service, hoping to better serve the public.

In order to expedite citizen requests, citizens seeking premise file information under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (G.L. c. 66, s. 10) should email the request to Deputy Fire Chief Carroll at Please insert into the subject line “Premise file search” and please describe in the message body the information you seek. Deputy Carroll will review your request and reply within approximately one week with a date and time at which you can come to view the file.

The file will be available at the front counter for review by the requesting person. In certain cases, where the file is small (i.e., less than 15 pages) and the request easy to fulfill, the information may be waiting when the person making the request arrives.

The Public Records Law allows the Department to charge a reasonable fee for the time spent searching for, segregating and copying the requested records. We anticipate that citizens will not ordinarily be charged to review the file and a minimal number of copies will be provided at no cost; however, please be advised that the full cost of the record production allowed under the statute may be applied.