Daniel F. Ford Playground at Emerson Garden

Emerson Garden

May 2016

Emerson Garden is a park located between Davis Avenue, Emerson Street and Waverly Street with a perimeter walking path, seating, water play, picnic area, playground, and lawn area. The play equipment for tots and older children, last renovated in 1995, is in need of total replacement.  At a minimum, all safety surfacing will be replaced, the lawn will be refurbished and accessibility improvements included. The playground review will include consideration of picnic/passive areas, review of spray pool utilities, park furniture, grading/drainage improvements, utility upgrades, hardscape improvements and rehabilitation of the landscaped areas. The design review process will revisit layout, grading, accessibility, safety, and functionality of the park.

The design review process consists of presentation and open discussion of alternative solutions to meet our goals for the Garden in a series of public meetings over the course of approximately seven months, with establishment by the Park and Recreation Commission of a Design Review Committee for the project.  The Design Review Committee has been named and consists of seven members, four Park and Recreation Commissioners and three members coming from the public. The Design Review Committee, with input from the public, will work with the Division of Parks and Open Space staff Landscape Architects, to develop a preliminary design within our budget.  Once consensus is reached on a preliminary design, the Design Review Committee will vote its approval and the design will go before the Park and Recreation Commission for its final comment and approval.  At that point the Town landscape architects and engineers will proceed with final development of the design and preparation of the documents for construction bidding.

We welcome you to join us in a creative and productive conversation about how best to improve Daniel F. Ford Playground at Emerson Garden.  If you have any questions, please call Kathleen Fasser at (617)730-2088.