1299 Beacon Street

Project Name: 1299 Beacon Street
Initial Proposal: 108 units (12 stories) of multifamily rental housing on 18,632 sf lot; 2 levels of retail; 2 levels of below grade parking (183 parking spaces for residential and retail)
Revised Proposal: 74 units (8-10 stories) of multifamily rental housing; 2 levels of retaill 2 levels of below grade parking (99 parking spaces for residential and retail)
Applicant: Chestnut Hill Investments, LLC; Raj Dhanda
Location: 1299 Beacon Street (next to Trader Joe's)

At this time, no permit has been granted for the proposal. If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 617-730-2130 or Senior Planner Maria Morelli at mmorelli@brooklinema.gov.

Key Dates
August 16, 2016
: The applicant will present the Site Eligibility proposal for the Board of Selectmen. Notice of Hearing
The Board of Selectmen will draft comments to submit to subsidizing agency and consider public comments. To submit comments directly to MassHousing on site eligibility, please download these instructions

September 6, 2016: Board of Selectmen will discuss Town's Response to MassHousing (due September 9).

January 3, 2016: Board of Selectman will discuss Town's Response to MassHousing in regard to REVISED Site Eligibility proposal dated November 4, 2016. See BOS Calendar for agenda. 


INITIAL PROPOSAL / July 7, 2016: Site Eligibility Application to MassHousing (PEL)
    > Full PEL Application
    > Site Plan
    > Architectural Plans

REVISED PROPOSAL / November 4, 2016: Revised application to MassHousting (PEL)
Architectural drawings and site plan dated October 25, 2016
    > NOTE: Selected sections of the PEL application were revised, including the building massing from 14 stories to 8 and 10 stories.

    > Town Response to MassHousing - September 9, 2016
    > UPDATED Town Response to Revised Plans to MassHousing - February 2, 2017
    > SITE APPROVAL LETTER from MassHousing - March 27, 2017

Applicant's presentation of PEL proposal to BOS - August 2016

Public Comment on PEL
August 2016
Roberta Sydney - August 12, 2016 (PEL)
Stacy Berloff
Myra Berloff
Lisa Rabinovitz
Hana Drew
Roger Goldstein
Cindy Goldstein
Daniel Stover
Charles Heinberg
Fred and Evelynne Kramer
Alan Agresti
Cindy Cheng
David Sparrow
Detlev Suderow
Ellen Beth Suderow
Michelle and Malcolm Russell-Einhorn
Peggy Morrison
Remesh Shivdasani-updated
Temple Sinai
Joyce Zakim
Ken Wexler
Lisa and Ramesh Shivdasani - December 12, 2016
Temple Sinai 
Roberta Sydney
Fred and Evelynne Kramer 
Cindi Goldstein