1299 Beacon Street

Project Name: 1299 Beacon Street
Comprehensive Permit (Chapter 40B affordable housing)
Initial Proposal: 108 units (12 stories) of multifamily rental housing on 18,632 sf lot; 2 levels of retail; 2 levels of below grade parking (183 parking spaces for residential and retail)
Revised Proposal: 74 units (8-10 stories) of multifamily rental housing; 2 levels of retaill 2 levels of below grade parking (99 parking spaces for residential and retail)
Applicant: Brighton Allston Properties, LLC (Raj Dhanda)
Location: 1299 Beacon Street (next to Trader Joe's)

At this time, no permit has been granted for the proposal. 

Contact the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Planning Department

If you have any questions for staff or comments for the ZBA, please email Senior Planner Maria Morelli at mmorelli@brooklinema.gov. The Planning Department main number is 617-730-2130.


The timeline features all stages of the 40B process and indicates the stage of the project at this time.


NOTE: The official mechanism for notification in accordance with the Open Meeting Law is the Town Calendar not this web page. Visit the Town Calendar for hearing agendas.

Site Eligibility Stage

August 16, 2016
: The applicant will present the Site Eligibility proposal for the Board of Selectmen. Notice of Hearing
The Board of Selectmen will draft comments to submit to subsidizing agency and consider public comments. To submit comments directly to MassHousing on site eligibility, please download these instructions

September 6, 2016: Board of Selectmen will discuss Town's Response to MassHousing (due September 9).

January 3, 2016: Board of Selectman will discuss Town's Response to MassHousing in regard to REVISED Site Eligibility proposal dated November 4, 2016. See BOS Calendar for agenda. 

ZBA Application - ZBA Public Hearing

Hearings are held in Select Board's Hearing Room, Sixth Floor, Town Hall, unless otherwise noted. See Town Calendar.

March 23, 2018: The Applicant submitted ZBA application for a Comprehensive Permit
April 18, 2018: ZBA Public Hearing is opened and continued (no Board Discussion or Testimony)
April 25, 2017: Continued to May 9, 2018
May 9, 2018: Applicant presents proposal. The ZBA's 40B consultant presents an overview of Chapter 40B. Transcript here.
May 30, 2018: ZBA Site Visit - Open to public (Because this is not a public hearing, no testimony will be accepted during the site visit.)   
June 13, 2018:  ZBA Hearing / Staff Report / Public Comment
   > NOTE: June 13 hearing is Room 111 first floor of Town Hall and cannot be televised.
July 11, 2018: ZBA Hearing. Date to be confirmed (testimony from Town Depts and traffic/parking peer reviewers)
   > Public comment confined to technical questions for peer reviewers
July 25, 2018: ZBA Hearing. Date to be confirmed (testimony from design peer reviewer)
   > Public comment confined to technical questions for peer reviewer

Public Hearing scheduled to close (180 days from opening): October 15, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: The town's website is undergoing some needed updates.As a result of this update, all letters, transcripts and documents received will be posted to the town site AFTER the update is complete. The estimate is mid-July. ANY AND ALL MATERIALS submitted for this project will still be promptly shared with the Zoning Board of Appeals and saved in our files. Please contact the Planning Department if you would like these materials provided to you by email. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of construction.


Plans Submitted with ZBA Application:
Applicant's response to Application Completeness letter (clarification, outstanding and additional materials)
June 2018
  • Shadow Studies (June 5, 2018)
  • Atlas Map Overlay (June 5, 2018)
  • 3D Model (contact Planning Department) 
  • Detailed Elevations
  • Site Plan Existing Conditions


From the Applicant

From Staff, Boards, Commissions

From Peer Reviewers (Independent Technical Consultants)

From the Public -

April 2018
Beth Kates
Temple Sinai

May 2018
Prasun Agarwal
Myra and Howard Berloff
Stacy Berloff
Nancy Doyle
Hana Drew
Susan Fried
Chryssa Georgalis
Cindy and Roger Goldstein
Jill Greenberg
John Mazza
Adam Kloczkowski
Stan Lagos
Judith Mir
Peggy Ann Morrison
Roslyn and Stuart Orkin
Roslyn and Stuart Orkin (5/18)
Robert Rosenkrantz
Ramesh and Lisa Shivdasani
Ellen Beth Suderow
Roberta Sydney
Karen Voght
Barbara Wexler