Brookline Green Electricity

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June 18, 2018   IMPORTANT NOTICE

The Town recently learned that due to Dynegy's error updating its customer database, some customers who had initially opted out of Brookline Green Electricity and had been receiving electric supply from Eversource at the current rate of $0.12888/kWh were incorrectly enrolled in the program's lower rate of $0.11098/kWh.

The June and July bills for the affected customers incorrectly reflects the lower rate. If you are one of these affected customers, be assured that your August bill will correctly show that you have been returned Eversource electric supply. You do not need to take any action to correct your account.

Dynegy takes full responsibility for this error and sincerely regrets any inconvenience this has caused the Town of Brookline and affected customers. This is a supplier error, which the Town of Brookline had no control over preventing. Dynegy will send a letter to those who were affected stating that the error was caught and promptly corrected. In addition, the Department of Public Utilities and Eversource have been promptly informed of the error and corrective actions taken. 

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Your choice, your impact

In summer 2017, the Town of Brookline launched Brookline Green Electricity to purchase electric supply—and offer more options for renewable energy—at stable, competitive rates. Eversource is still the utility delivering the electric supply to households and businesses with no change in the quality of service.

Why renewable energy? The Town is committed to increasing access to affordable renewable energy regardless of income level.  Our dependence on burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is one of the biggest producers of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy, like wind power, reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, displacing the polluting emissions they produce. Although the Town supports the Commonwealth’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, Massachusetts can’t meet this critical target unless we do more at the community-level.

Your participation can help Brookline displace nearly 34 million pounds of polluting carbon dioxide emissions annually. And, by purchasing locally generated renewable energy at stable, competitive rates, we are supporting the Massachusetts workforce. Something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on our community.