Consumer Protection

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In 1997 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted a public policy called “Community Choice Aggregation” (CCA) enabling cities and towns to aggregate the buying power of individual electricity customers (residents and businesses) without interfering with the level of service provided by the utility company (M.G.L. c.164 §134). CCA also provides a layer of consumer protection because plans are reviewed by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the Department of Public Utilities (DPU), and because any electric customer can opt out of the CCA
plan at any time and at no cost. 

Brookline Green Electricity fully complies with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 25A, Section 6 and Chapter 164, Section 134(a).  It meets all the requirements established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

DPU Approval of Town Aggregation Plan

The Department of Public Utilities held of a public hearing on September 14 at 2 pm before approving the Town of Brookline aggregation plan on April 14, 2017.

Download the Notice of Public Hearing and the DPU Filing (aggregation plan), or visit the Planning Department at Town Hall, 333 Washington Street, on the Third Floor.

DPU Approved Plan (as amended by DPU April 2017)

Town of Brookline's Energy Goals

At the Fall 2015 Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen was authorized to commence a Community Choice Electrical Aggregation Program and purchase electricity in bulk for Brookline residents and businesses as authorized by M.G.L. c.164 §134.

In addition, a resolution was passed that enables the delivery of 25 percent more renewable energy beyond what is already required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The goal is to ensure the addition of new renewable generation to the ISO-New England power grid, or additionality. The mechanism for ensuring that the CCA electric energy is renewable is identical to the mechanism that Massachusetts uses for state compliance: the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC).

Brookline Green Electricity plan offers a standard product and two alternative options giving you more renewable energy choices.