Opt Up to 100%

100% renewable energy, zero carbon emissions

Anyone who pays an electric bill has the power to make a difference. Opting up to the Brookline All Green product means that all the electricity you use will come from non-polluting wind power. 

Our  competitive rates make this choice easier. For just 25 cents more a month*, a typical household could displace over 6,000 pounds of polluting carbon dioxide annually--the equivalent of emissions produced by driving over 7,300 miles in a typical passenger vehicle (www.epa.gov). 

To Opt Up to 100%, call Dynegy at 866-220-5696.

SAMPLE Comparison of Cost and Environmental Impact

Based on 600 kWh used per month
Eversource Basic Service
Jan 2018 - Jun 2018, residential rate
Brookline All Green
Prices fixed through Jan 2020, all classes
Price per kilowatt hour
Monthly cost, electric supply only
Additional renewable energy
Additional CO2 displaced annually
6,170 lbs. CO2

* Compared to Eversource Basic Service’s residential rate January 2018 to June 2018, which offers no additional renewable energy above what the State requires. A typical household is estimated to consume about 600 kWh of electricity per month. Because Eversource changes its supply rates every six months, the price difference of 25 cents more per month is not guaranteed. Carbon displacement calculation is based on 2015 marginal emissions rate of 857 pounds carbon dioxide per one megawatt hour.