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Hybrid Pay-As-You-Throw (HPAYT) Waste Collection System 
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Q: What is the Hybrid Pay-As-You-Throw (HPAYT) Waste Collection System?
A: HPAYT is a system where customers select a waste cart based on their household’s refuse output. Waste carts are collected by a vehicle equipped with an automated arm, which lifts the waste cart from the ground, and dumps the contents into the vehicle. If a customer has more trash than their cart can hold, pre-paid, plastic overflow bags, imprinted with the Town seal, will be available for purchase at local retail establishments.

Q: How will my bill change?
A: Rather than billing customers at a flat rate of $200 per year, customers will be billed based on the waste cart they choose. This will result in some residents lowering their annual refuse costs, while others may see an increase. For more details on pricing, see the chart below.
HPAYT Waste Cart Descriptions
Waste Cart Options Chart

Q: When will my bill change?

A: July 1, 2017.

Q: Will my trash route or pickup day change?

A: No.

Q: When will HPAYT begin in Brookline?

A: HPAYT will begin in May 2017. To prepare, customers will be required to choose their waste cart by March 10, 2017.

Q: How do I choose a new HPAYT waste cart?

A: Beginning in January 2017, customers will visit brooklinema.gov/hpayt and make their selection. The customer will be required to enter their refuse account number. Carts will be available in three (3) sizes.  Additionally, customers will receive a card in the mail, with the option to select a waste cart by returning the card. Residents who do not have online capability may speak to the DPW Main Offices at 617-730-2156. Hours of operation are 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday, and 8am-12:30pm Friday. Leaving a message does not constitute placing a waste cart order.  

Q: What happens if I do not choose a waste cart by the
 due date?
A: If a cart is not chosen by the due date, one (1) 35 gallon cart will be delivered and billed at the annual rate of $190.

Q: How do I know which waste cart is the best choice?
A: This question is difficult to answer, as each resident has their own habits to consider. DPW suggests keeping track of the number of trash bags placed at the curb each week, and using the above chart as a decision-making guide. 

Q: When will I receive my new waste cart?

A: Waste carts will begin to arrive in May 2017.

Q: How do I dispose of my old waste bin or barrel?

A: Residents may dispose of old waste barrels by placing them upside-down next to the new HPAYT waste carts on their weekly collection day for a period of two (2) weeks after HPAYT collection begins.

Q: What should I do if the cart I chose is not the best choice for my household?

A: If the cart received in May does not suit the customer’s needs, the Town will allow a cart exchange, without penalty, until June 16, 2017. Any changes to waste cart sizing will be reflected in the quarterly bill following the exchange.

Q: My cart is usually spacious enough, but I have more trash than usual this week. What are my options?

A: The Town will make available for sale, at local retail establishments, plastic overflow bags (30 gallon/25 lbs. capacity) imprinted with the Town seal.  The use of any other type of bag or container will be unacceptable and not picked up on waste collection day.  Overflow bags will be sold, in a roll containing 5 bags, for $15.

Q: I have a bulky item (furniture, computer, mattress, television, appliances, etc.). How do I schedule a pickup?

A: Customers must call (617) 730-2156 and schedule any and all bulky item pickups at least one week ahead of the requested date of pickup. Any item that is not called in will be left curbside, and the resident will be issued a violation notice. 

Q: What will happen to Recycling and Yard Waste collection?

A: There will be no changes to the Recycling and Yard Waste collection program. 

Q: I am unable to roll a cart to my curb. What are my options?

A: In extenuating circumstances, residents who subscribe to Town Waste Collection Service may qualify for a Waste Cart Waiver. Waivers will be considered for residents who are unable to physically maneuver a wheeled waste cart curbside on collection day, and for residents with geographic obstacles such as multiple flights of stairs. Applications are available for download at brooklinema.gov/hpayt, and will only be considered after a required inspection by a Sanitation Division supervisor.
Download Waste Cart Waiver Application

Q: I live in, or maintain, a multi-unit dwelling. How will this impact me?

A: Brookline property owners, landlords, and property managers are responsible for placing an order for new waste carts.  Renters are not responsible for the order selection and should speak to the owner, landlord, or property manager for how these changes may impact them. 
Please note: If the combined cost of all waste carts for a multi-unit dwelling is less than the per-unit minimum of $190 per year, the higher cost will be charged. This rule will be detailed on the waste cart order form. 

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