Recreational Marijuana Information

This page provides information about the regulation of marijuana not prescribed for medical use in the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts. For additional information about recreational marijuana at the statewide level, visit: to Ensure Safe Access to Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed

Please help us by filling out a community survey on recreational marijuana available here OR click this link: 

The survey is only 3 questions long and will help us better understand the needs and concerns of the Town. Any questions can be directed to the Planning and Community Development Department at 617-730-2130

It is anticipated that by April 1st, 2018, the State could begin to accept applications to allow recreational marijuana establishments to open in cities and towns across the Commonwealth where recreational marijuana uses were voted favorably. This includes Brookline, as residents voted (60% in favor) to legalize recreational marijuana uses back in November 2016. Approved applications can open for business as early as June 1, 2018.
The law permits local regulation of recreational marijuana establishments with some limitations. Therefore, the Town, through its Licensing Review Committee, has begun to consider various approaches for local regulation. The Planning Department, in particular, has been working on new zoning by-laws to regulate these uses. Some decisions may require a town-wide voter referendum, whereas other decisions can be put in place through the adoption of by-laws at Town Meeting.

The goal is to file proposed local regulation by-laws for consideration at the May 2018 Annual Town Meeting so that measures can be in place once the State starts to issue licenses.

The Licensing Review Committee and Planning Department would like to hear from the community about the issues listed in this three-question survey. The survey will close on December 31st, 2017.

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In November 2016, Brookline residents voted (60% in favor) to legalize recreational marijuana uses proposed by Question 4 including retail (sales to the ultimate consumer), manufacturing, cultivation, and lab testing uses. In response, the Planning Department is collaborating with various departments throughout the town to draft a zoning amendment for Spring Town Meeting 2018.

Statewide: By April 1, 2018 the Cannabis Control Commission must be ready to accept license application. The Commission is currently drafting regulations for the use and distribution of marijuana not medically prescribed. We anticipate they can approve license applications by June 1, 2018 allowing establishments to open for business. 

Public meetings:

December 14, 2017 Planning Board: Update and discussion on future regulations for recreational marijuana facilities.

December 14, 2017 Licensing Review Committee: Discussion of possible local regulation of recreational marijuana.