Parking Meters

About the Upgrade

The Town of Brookline continues to upgrade our metered public parking supply to provide improved customer convenience, ensure a regular turnover of spaces in our high demand areas, and improve municipal maintenance and collection operations.

The Town does not issue refunds or change for canceled transactions, broken meters, or over paid meters.

Download pdf maps of our metered public parking supply by rate, hours of operation, and meter time limit.

Parking Press Release, 30 Sept 2016
Girl Paying for Parking on Street Smart Meter

Parking Meter Types Deployed in Brookline


Pay-By-Space multi-space meters in the following parking lots. No receipt is needed to be display--just Park, Pay, and Go! 
  • Brookline Village
  • Coolidge Corner
  • JFK Crossing
  • MBTA lots at Longwood, Brookline Hills, and Beaconsfield
  • St. Mary’s Commercial Districts

On-Street IPS Smart Meters

IPS smart meters that accept credit cards and quarters are displayed in our commercial centers. Locations include:
  • Coolidge Corner
  • JFK Crossing
  • St. Mary’s
  • Washington Square
  • Brookline Village COMING SOON!

On-Street IPS Smart Meters for 13-Hour Meters

IPS smart meters that accept credit cards and quarters at the 13-hour meters on Brookline Avenue, Chapel Street and Kent Street.

Extended Hours

All parking meters in the Town of Brookline are in effect until 8PM except the Town Hall Parking Lot which is until 6PM Mondays through Thursdays.

Red Sox Game Day Parking

Special Red Sox game day parking in the St. Mary’s Commercial District starting 2 hours before game time and extending to 10 p.m. For more information go to our Red Sox Parking Page


  • $.75 per hour for all 13 hour meters except those noted below
  • $1.25 per hour for all 2 and 3 hour meters
  • $1.25 per hour for the first 3 hours and $2.00 per hour for the 4th hour at the Centre Street East and Fuller Street Lots
  • $2.00 per hour on Brookline Avenue, Chapel Street, and Longwood MBTA lots
  • Increased payment options including quarters only, bills, and credit cards

Parking Lot Signs

Parking Lot Sign for Paying at Pay Station

Pay the Meter Here

Brookline Parking Meter

Accepts Credit Cards

Meter That Accepts Credit Cards