Handling Disasters & Hazardous Scenarios

  1. Contagious Disease

    Learn how to properly handle circumstances surrounding a contagious disease outbreak.

  2. Earthquake

    Review helpful information pertaining to what you can do if an earthquake strikes.

  3. Evacuation

    Read about how to handle a potential evacuation scenario.

  4. Fire

    Seek assistance with what you should do in the event of a fire.

  5. No Power

    Access information to assist you in case you experience a power outage or utility issue.

  6. Shelter in Place

    Learn more about what it means to shelter in place.

  7. Storm / Flooding

    Gain more information on steps you can take in the event of a severe storm or flooding.

  8. Terrorism

    Review preparedness measures pertaining to terrorism.

  9. Transit Safety

    Learn transit safety tips to implement in your own life.