Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA)

The Brookline TMMA is open to all Brookline, MA Town Meeting members, and is intended for open discussion of issues pertaining to Town Meeting, the Warrant, and any related Town, precinct, or neighborhood issues. It is sponsored by the town Meeting Members Association of Brookline, MA (TMMA), who make it available as a public service, in order to promote better communication among Town Meeting members. However, the TMMA is not responsible for the content of the messages posted by members; such messages are the responsibility of the individual members who post them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TMMA as a whole.

Executive Board
Heather Hamilton (P3)
 Vice President
George Abbott White (P9)
 Treasurer Susan Cohen (P7)   
 Recording Secretary Ernie Frey (P7) 
 Corresponding Secretary Harry Friedman (P12)  
Precinct Representatives
Precinct 1 Neil Gordon Charles Terrell 
Precinct 2
Diana Spiegel
Bruce Wolff
Precinct 3 Patricia Connors Dennis Doughty
Precinct 4 John Mulhane
Precinct 5 David Knight
Precinct 6
Ruthann Sneider Tommy Vitolo
Precinct 7 Susan Granoff
David Pantalone
Precinct 8 David-Marc Goldstein
Robert Miller
Precinct 9 Judith Vanderkay
Precinct 10
Scott Ananian
Precinct 11 Jennifer Goldsmith David Lescohier
Precinct 12 Michael Burstein Joe Ross 
Precinct 13 Joanna Baker Andrew Fischer
Precinct 14
Vacant Vacant
Precinct 15
Kea van der Ziel Robert Liao
Precinct 16
Saralynn Allaire Regina Frawley

Email Group
Please note that this email group requires that messages be sent in plain text. It does not transmit embedded images and does not allow attachments. Forwarded emails should be sent as inline text, not as attachments. Messages or replies sent to 
Brookline TMMA go to all members of the group.

To join this eGroup, send an email to Brookline TMMA (Please include your name, address, and the precinct for which you are a Town Meeting member).

TMMA Reference Files