Child Health

Day Care
The Day Care Team serves as an arm of the State Licensing Commission and participates in licensing and monitoring group and after school day care programs. The team also provides educational and consultative services to day care directors.

Immunizations are provided to children in immunization clinics run by the Health Department. Please view the Public Health Nursing and Epidemiology page for more information.

Liaison With School Health Services

Responsibilities include:
  • General program
  • Coordination of school nurses
  • Special programs related to health issues
Health Advisory Committee
The Health Advisory Committee (previously called the Wellness Committee) is an interdisciplinary committee which relates to nutrition, physical activity, and mental health of the school population.

Liaison With Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention Programs
Prevention programs in towns and schools click here.

Promotion of Initiatives in Health, Nutrition, & Fitness
  • Health Department - Community Health Division programs involving children
  • Outreach to enroll uninsured youth in health insurance - call 617-730-2329 for more information
  • Broaden health education programs

Networking & Continuing Liaison
With other town agencies in areas related to child physical and mental health concerns.
Brookline Community Health
Brookline Teen Center
Brookline School Health Services
Brookline Woman's Commission