Tree Inventory

The first GIS street tree inventory was conducted in Brookline, Massachusetts during the spring of 1994 by 97 community volunteers. The inventory program was coordinated by the University of Massachusetts Department of Forestry.

In 2009, the Parks and Open Space Division performed a complete update of all the street trees in the inventory. Approximately 11,041 trees were found along 104 miles of road. Every street tree was examined for species, health, location, diameter at breast height (DBH), dead wood, overhead utilities and management needs.

The following data was produced from the street tree inventory:

Overall Health and Condition of Street Trees
Health / Condition of Trees
Percentage of Trees
Less than 1%

Species Distribution of Street Trees

Tree Species
Percentage of Species Found
Norway Maple 21%
Red Oak 10%
Linden 10%
Sycamore 8.6%
Honey Locust 7.5%
Red Maple 7.3%
Pin Oak 6.5%
Ash 4.5%
Elm 4%
Cherry 2.8%
Sweetgum 2.3%
Crabapple 2%
Ginkgo 1.8%
Pear 1.7%
Over 40 different species constitute the
remaining percentage trees that line
Brookline's streets.

The tree inventory is an excellent management tool and is used and updated on a regular basis to ensure that all of the information remains accurate.