1. Building Permit / Fee Schedule

    Locate building permit instructions and related information such as a fee schedule.

  2. Calendar

    Reference a community calendar to stay up to date on Brookline events.

  3. Cemetery Service Rates

    Find out how much a particular service costs, such as grave and marker fees.

  4. Comprehensive Plan

    View the Brookline Comprehensive Plan.

  5. Employment Opportunities

    View a listing of employment opportunities within Brookline.

  6. FAQs

    Browse through a collection of frequently asked questions covering an array of different topics and categories.

  7. Financial Reports

    Find a variety of financial reports, policies, statements, etc.

  8. Fiscal Year Tax Rates

    View tax rates for present and past fiscal years.

  9. Licenses & Permits

    Seek different kinds of licenses and permits, as well types of certificates.

  10. Maps

    Find a variety of types of maps for Brookline and the surrounding area.

  11. Retirement Resources

    Seek out retirement resources to find different forms of assistance.

  12. Zoning Information

    Find details pertaining to the topic of zoning.