1. School Committee

    View the mission and responsibilities of the school committee.

  2. Senior Tax Policy Committee

  3. Small Commercial Exemption Committee

    Learn more about the role of the Small Commercial Exemption Committee.

  4. Solar Roof Study Committee

    Access details pertaining to the Solar Roof Study Committee.

  5. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

    Review the duties and purpose of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

  6. Tobacco Control Committee

  7. Town / School Labor Advisory Committee

    Review the mission of the Town / School Labor Advisory Committee.

  8. Town / School Partnership Committee

    Read about the role of the Town / School Partnership Committee.

  9. Transportation Board

    Learn more about the Transportation Board including members, responsibilities, as well as how to contact the board.

  10. Tree Planting Committee

  11. Tree Protection Committee

  12. Trustees of Walnut Hills Cemetery

  13. Waldo Street Area Study Committee

    Learn more about the Waldo Street Area Study Committee.

  14. Zoning Board of Appeals

  15. Zoning By-Law Committee