Feb 13

Brookline Green Electricity: Tax Deduction Calculator

Posted on February 13, 2018 at 3:07 PM by Maria Morelli

It’s tax season! As you know, Brookline Green Electricity includes 25% more renewable energy than is required by law, which is supplied to the Town’s electric supplier, Dynegy, by a non-profit third party called Mass Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy). What you may not know is that the portion you pay per kilowatt hour for the additional renewable energy electricity ultimately goes to this non-profit and therefore may be eligible for a tax deduction.

To generate a receipt for tax preparation, visit the link below to use our tax deduction calculator. 

If you purchased 100% renewable energy, Mass Energy will mail you a receipt for tax preparation purposes; therefore, you do not need to generate a receipt via this calculator.

Brookline Green Tax Deduction Calculator

Visit www.brooklinegreen.com to learn how you can Opt Up to 100% at a competitive price!

Disclaimer:  The Town of Brookline, Dynegy, and Mass Energy do not provide tax advice. Mass Energy has devised this calculator. The Town of Brookline is not responsible for any calculation errors. Please consult with your tax advisor about your tax eligibility status. It is assumed that you have paid your electric bill in full. For the Brookline Green 25% product, 0.7 cents of the 0.11.098 cents paid per kilowatt hour is paid to Mass Energy for the additional renewable energy. For the Brookline All Green 100% product, 2.8 cents of the 13.198 cents per kilowatt hour is paid to Mass Energy for the additional renewable energy.



Jul 20

Brookline Green Electricity Covered in Brookline TAB

Posted on July 20, 2017 at 9:26 AM by Maria Morelli

Journalist Emma Murphy covered the Town's Brookline Green Electricity program in the July 19 Brookline TAB. The article explains the state-mandated auto-enrollment structure and describes the program's three product options,  allowing consumers to choose how much additional renewable energy—0%, 25%, or 100%—they purchase. Although the state mandates that 12% of electricity supplied to consumers come from new renewable resources, increasing 1% every year, at that rate the state will not meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050.

Read the article at: 


In concrete terms, participation in the standard 25% product would help Brookline displace 34 million pounds of polluting carbon dioxide emissions annually—the equivalent of running twelve 1.5 MW wind turbines instead of burning fossil fuels. No other action we can take will result in carbon emission reductions of this magnitude.

For the typical household consuming 600 kilowatt hours of electricity monthly, the 25% product costs $2 to $3 more per month compared with Eversource’s basic service. And, a federal tax deduction for the cost of the additional renewable energy is available, offsetting some of the price difference. Alternatively, the program’s Brookline Basic option is less expensive than Eversource’s.

As BOS Chair Neil Wishinsky states, "Brookline Green Electricity empowers consumers to exercise their right to select a more competitive supply rate, to choose how their electricity is generated, and to send a clear message about the need for more renewable energy options from suppliers."

May 24

Town Selects New Electricity Supplier

Posted on May 24, 2017 at 9:02 AM by Maria Morelli

After a competitive bidding process in May, the Town selected Dynegy, Inc. to supply the community’s electricity, with a 30-month contract term from the July 2017 meter reading to the December 2019 meter reading. Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities in April, the Town’s electricity aggregation program, BROOKLINE GREEN ELECTRICITY, uses bulk purchasing to offer savings and rate stability for residents and businesses. In addition, it provides renewable energy options to reduce the Town’s reliance on carbon-producing fossil fuels. Eversource remains the utility that will deliver the electricity, handle billing, and respond to emergencies and outages. Customers will see changes to only electricity supply rates in their August bill.  Delivery rates will not change. 

By Memorial Day, a 30-day Opt-Out Letter with the Town seal will be mailed to all Eversource account holders announcing the new electricity supplier, the program’s three products and rates, and instructions for any consumer actions. 

See Consumers Resources for helpful guides to assist you during the opt-out period. Visit the Main Page often for Events and information sessions the Town will host in June for consumer support.