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There are currently five (5) taxicab companies licensed to dispatch a total of 187 taxi cabs in the Town of Brookline. They are:

Eagle/Hello Taxi                (617) 734-1111
Bay State Taxi, Inc.           (617) 566-5000
Red Cab                           (617) 734-5000
Brookline Town Taxi           (617) 232-2800

What are the standard cab rates in Brookline?

All taxi rides within the Town of Brookline are at a metered rate that is displayed on a Rate of Fare Card in the taxicab. It is $1.50 for the first 1/8 mile and then $.40 for each 1/8 mile. This means it costs $2.70 for the first 1/2 mile. There is also an idling time clock in the meter that amounts to $24 per hour of waiting time. All cabs have meters and passengers should insist on a receipt that indicates the taxi company name, driver's name, taxicab vehicle number, the total amount paid, and the date of payment.

The Town of Brookline has also adopted a set of flat rate fares for destinations located outside of Brookline.  To obtain a copy of the Taxicab fixed rate fare handbook, click here or contact the DPW - Transportation at 617-730-2177.

If a cab driver says he does not have a receipt, you should take down the cab number, the date and the time and report it to the Brookline Police Department, Hackney Officer, at (617) 730-2230. Passenger complaints can also be reported using the Taxicab Comment Card that must be available in each cab.

Are there other fees? Do I have to pay for tolls?

Yes. If you are traveling through the Sumner or Callahan Tunnel or Ted Williams Tunnel, there will be a $4.50 tunnel toll fee added to the metered fare. When using the Tobin Bridge, you will be responsible for an additional $3.00 toll fee.

What if the cab company doesn't respond to my call in a timely manner?

All taxicabs are expected to respond to a request for service within 15-30 minutes of the service call. The taxi dispatch service is responsible for ensuring that a cab responds to every request for service as soon as possible, and should call you back to report any undue delays. Complaints regarding taxi response times should be reported to the DPW - Transportation Division using the request/comment form, or by calling (617) 730-2230. Complaints can also be reported using the Taxicab Comment Card available in each cab.

What if I think the driver has taken "the long way" to charge me more?

You should always get a receipt that has the cab number, driver's name, date and time and report the incident to the Brookline Police Department, Hackney Officer, at (617) 730-2230. By the way, you can always tell the taxi driver the route you would like to travel.

If I lose something in a cab, what can I do?

Taxicab drivers are obligated to turn in all lost property they find to the cab company they work for. If you remember the name of the cab company, contact them directly. You may also want to file a lost property report with the Brookline Police Department if the lost property was not found.

Are there any special options for senior citizens?

Yes. The Brookline Elder Taxi System (BETS), sponsored by the Brookline Council on Aging and Brookline's taxi companies, is a cab discount program that allows eligible seniors to buy coupon books worth $10 in cab rides for just $5 -- or half price. To be eligible, you must be a Brookline resident over 60 years old with an annual income of up to $40,800 for individuals or $46,650 for couples. You may buy up to five coupon books a month, with one month's supply of booklets refundable for up to six months after purchase. These coupons are the equivalent of cash, and no Brookline licensed cab can refuse to take a coupon. Do not tell the driver you have coupons; simply pay him at the end of the ride. For a BETS application, call the Council on Aging at (617) 730-2777, or visit the Senior Center for additional information.