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Monmouth Street Park

Category: Passive Parks
Size: 0.16 acres
Protection: Article 97, NR, SR
Manager: Brookline DPW, Parks and Open Space Division
Location: 86 Monmouth Street
Precinct: 1
Inventory Date: 11/05/04, revised 2/1/10
Vicinity: Adjacent to the Brookline Art Center in a neighborhood of primarily historic brick townhouses.

The park is recorded in the Longwood National Register Historic District. Striking 1800s architecture borders two sides of the park, while the other two sides are bordered by apartment complexes and the rear of stores. The small-scale ornamental fence adds significantly, framing the park and giving it a clear identity. The vegetation includes a raised planting bed and specimen trees. It is located just a block away from Beacon Street. The park includes open lawn and pathways, as well as custom play equipment for young children.

Park History:
The park property was originally purchased as two lots. In 1864 the town built Longwood School on one parcel. It was moved elsewhere on the property in 1886 to accommodate the building of a firehouse in the other parcel. The company was transferred to Station #5 on Babcock Street when it opened in 1964. The old firehouse was remodeled and became the Brookline Arts Center in 1968. In Fall 2002, Town Meeting voted for both lots to be protected under Article 97.  In 2006, a total renovation of the park was completed, including installation of irrigation, new lawn areas, patio, pathways, seating, fencing, custom toddler playground equipment, ornamental plantings, and landscape connections to the Brookline Art Center. The Parks and Open Space Division was awarded a Certificate of Merit for the renovation of this park in the Longwood Historic District.

The Town acquired the property from William R. Lawrence in 1864 for $901.90. The existing firehouse building and the land under that building was exempted from Article 97 in 2002, while the rest of the property was set for park purposes only. It is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.


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