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B-Space Final Report - September 2013 (PDF)

Capital Sub-Committee of the Brookline School CommitteeProposal for School Expansion to Meet Enrollment Growth 9/6/2013 (PDF)

B-Space Committee Votes to Recommend the "Expand in Place" Approach


At its meeting on August 12, 2013,. the Brookline School Population & Capacity Exploration Committee (B-SPACE) voted unanimously on a series of recommendations to the School Committee to implement the "Expand in Place" model. See the unofficial votes taken by the Committee. The final report of the Committee will be finalized and transmitted to the School Committee next week.

B-Space Concept Study Presentation, July 29th, 2013 Part I & Part II

This committee is charged with gathering and analyzing data, and guiding a community discussion on programming and space planning that will accommodate rapid and unabated enrollment growth and support the educational goals of the Public Schools of Brookline. The committee is asked to recommend a plan or plans by July 2013, for approval by the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen for the following:


1.) The possibility of an additional school in Brookline initiallyto be housed at Old Lincoln School. The Facilities Master Plan shows that space in all eight K-8 schools has been or will be maximized with recent and planned adaptations and renovations by Fall, 2014, while currently projected enrollments will continue to require increased space. To free up space across our schools, a new school must:


a.) draw 450-500 students proportionately from every existing school, and


b.) do so in a way that satisfies the PSB core value of educational equity.


The Committee will consider a range of concepts for a possible new school. The committee may also explore solutions other than a new school that have the equivalent effect of enabling existing K-8s to fulfill the educational goals and objectives of the PSB Strategic Plan with existing and planned space.



2.) The committee may also consider use of space and necessary renovations across the rest of the PSB buildings to:


a.) anticipate growth at BHS to 2500 students in five years (a commissioned Concept Study for space at BHS will inform this discussion), and


b.) configure a permanent location or locations for the Brookline Early Education Program.



3.) Financing that enables the PSB to accomplish the above, including recommendations for budget efficiencies and/or raising additional revenues.




Any recommendations from this Committee should meet the following criteria:


1.) They have been discussed across the community in Brookline and received significant public support, and


2.) They meet the objectives of educational excellence and equity across the school district.



Katherine Craven­ (former Exec. Dir. of the MSBA) Baker School

Philip Kramer (architect) Pierce School

Community Members                                                                        

Fred Wang Harvard Medical

Lisa Crosley Brigham Scientist

Advisory Committee (designated by Chair)                                            

Neil Wishinsky

Mike Sandman

Selectmen (designated by Chair)                                                            

Mel Kleckner (ex officio, nonvoting)

Betsy DeWitt

Ken Goldstein

School Committee (designated by Chair)                                              

Bill Lupini (ex officio, nonvoting)

Alan Morse

Rebecca Stone

Building Commission (designated by Chair)                                         

George Cole                                                                                  

                                                                              13       TOTAL

                                                                              11       VOTING



Betsy DeWitt, Board of Selectmen - betsy@betsydewitt.com

Alan Morse, School Committee - alan_morse@brookline.k12.ma.us">alan_morse@brookline.k12.ma.us