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Can I park my car on the street?

Daytime Parking: Unless posted otherwise, no driver may park a vehicle on the same street in Brookline for more than 2 hours between the hours of 6am and 2am the next day. 

Overnight Parking: No driver may park on any street in Brookline for more than 1 hour between the hours of 2am too 6am.

How can I get a resident permit?

Residents may obtain a Daytime Resident Parking Permit which alows them to park on their residential side street in excess of 2 hours between 6 am and 2 am. For more information take a look at our Resident Parking Page on this website.

My car is not registered in Brookline. How do I change it?

Call the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles at:
(617) 351-4500 (Boston)
(617) 351-9000 (Watertown)

How much are the residential permits?

Residential permits are $25 per permit. We accept personal checks, money orders, and cash.

I live near the high school and cars on my street have permits. Can I get one too?

Call the high school directly at (617) 713-5001.

My house is in Brookline, but my street address is Brighton. Who do I call?

Call us first. We can figure out whether you fall under Brookline or Boston regulations. You can also call the Boston parking office at (617) 635-4885 or see their web site.

Where can I park if I work in Brookline?

In the Coolidge Corner area, there are 11 hour parking meters which cost 50 cents per hour.  These meters are located on the Beacon Street median between 1443 Beacon Street and 1601 Beacon Street.

Limited commercial permit parking is also available in the Centre Street West and John Stret municipal lots located in Coolidge Corner.  Permits can be purchased from the Town of Brookline at the cost of $78 per month.  The Centre Street West parking lot is not available to permit holders on Thursday when the Farmers Market is in session.

Commercial permits are also available for $25 per year for local merchants in the Brookline Village area.  This permit allows the holder to park on Kent Street at designated meters which cost 25 cents per hour.

Commercial On-street permits are also available and allow you to park your vehcile on a designated residential side street within 1/4 mile of the commercial district. The cost is $500 per year.

I don't have a place to park my car overnight. Does the Town of Brookline have any overnight parking spaces available?

The Town of Brookline currently has a total of 309 overnight parking spaces in our public lots.  These spaces can be rented for $100 per month.  There are also 60 overnight parking spaces available in the Marriot Courtyard Garage. The cost of overnight parking in this garage is also $100 per month.

Where are the Brookline overnight lots?

Coolidge Corner
Lot 1 - Beacon Street Median - 60 Spaces
Lot 2 - Centre Street West - 56 Spaces    
Lot 11 - Centre Street East - 10 Spaces    
Lot 3 - Babcock Street - 47 Spaces    
Lot 4 - John St. - 14 Spaces    
Lot 9 - Marriot Courtyard Hotel - 60 Spaces

Brookline Village
Lot 5 - School Street - 14 Spaces
Lot 6 - Kent/Webster Pl.  - 23 Spaces
Lot 7 - Kent/Station St. - 15 Spaces

JFK Crossing
Lot 8 - Fuller Street - 10 Spaces                    
Washington Square

Lot 10 - Beacon Street Median - 10 Spaces

How much does the Town charge?

All overnight parking spaces cost $300 per quarter (or $100 per month). The fee is payable by personal check, money order, Master card, Visa, Discover, or cash.

When can I leave my car in the overnight lots?

Cars with a sticker may park from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Saturday and all day on Sundays and Holidays.

How can I obtain a monthly overnight parking permit from the Town of Brookline?

To obtain a monthly overnight permit, bring the following items to the Transportation Division located at 333 Washington Street, 4th floor:
1. Car Registration with current Brookline Address
2. Drivers license
3. A pro-rated amount of the monthly fee (cash or check only).

How can I obtain a monthly overnight parking permit in the Courtyard Marriot Garage?

1. Contact 617-734-1393
2. Car Registration with current Brookline Address.
3. Drivers license.
4. $100 (Credit Card only)

Where can visitors of Brookline residents park?

Visitors can park on any street (where parking is allowed) for up to two hours during daytime hours. If guests wish to park overnight, guest parking is available in a number of lots in Coolidge Corner, Washington Square, and Brookline Village. Visitor parking is $10 per night. Passes can be purchased from the multi-space meters located in each overnight parking lot. Using this pass, visitors may park in designated guest spaces from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.

I just got a parking ticket. Where do I pay it?

All parking tickets can be paid at the Public Safety Building at 350 Washington St. (across from the town hall). Hearings are also scheduled through the Police Department, Traffic Division.  Tickets may also be paid online by clicking here.

I want to rent out parking spaces on my property. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes. Call the selectman's office at (617) 730-2200 to apply for an open-air license.

Where do I get "No Parking/Tow Zone" signs for moving trucks?

Temporary "No Parking/Tow Zone" signs may be picked up at the Transportation Division located at 333 Washington Street, 4th floor.  The signs cost $5.00 a piece. Each meter space that's occupied will cost an additional $10.00 per day. For further information, contact Michelle McComiskey at (617) 730-2177.

I'm having my driveway repaved and have no place to put my car.  What should I do?

Residents who find themselves in a situation where there car cannot be parked in there current off street parking space may obtain a temporary parking permit through the Transportation Division at 333 Washington Street, 4th floor.  Contact Michelle McComiskey at (617) 730-2177.

Where do I report broken parking meters?

Write down the 4 digit meter number located on the meter head and call the Traffic Division at the Police Station, (617) 730-2230

Who should I contact to get a street light fixed in my neighborhood?

You should contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) at 617-730-2156. Have ready the address closest to the pole and if the light is flickering or completely out.