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Objectives - Protect the public health by maintaining a comprehensive program of environmental health services, which includes inspections, compliance, and enforcement activities, monitoring of environmental hazards, and consultation and guidance to citizens and governmental agencies regarding environmental health issues.


Inspectors -
Patrick Maloney, Chief Environmental Health, RS (NY State and National Registration), CHO, MPAH

Dai Nguyen, MPH, RS, Public Health Sanitarian

Robin Magner, EHT, Senior Health Inspector, Inspector of Animals
Jared Orsini, RS, MS, Senior Public Health Inspector
Daniella Wodnicki, MPH,Senior Public Health Inspector

Miranda Corbine, RS, Public Health Specialist

Emily Wanzer, Konrad Musialowski, Sanitarian Trainee

Ray Cunningham, Sealer of Weights and Measures

  1. Licensing and Permitting
  2. Inspections
  3. Pamphlets, Fliers and Environmental Health Info
  4. Environmental Health Tips
  5. Rules and Regulations
  6. Upcoming Regularly Scheduled Events
  7. Web Links
  8. Hoarding Task Force

I. Licensing and Permitting - The following businesses receive a permit to operate from the Health Department as mandated by state and local laws. All applications can be obtained from the Brookline Health Department or from this website.


Asbestos Abatement Application
Body Art Practitioner Application

Body Art Establishment Permit Application

Body Art Establishment Plan Review Checklist
Food Establishment Permit Application
A Guide to opening a Food Establishment in the Town of Brookline (PDF)
List of businesses licensed to sell tobacco
List of businesses licensed to operate camps
List of businesses licensed to operate tanning salons
List of businesses licensed to operate swimming pools
List of Solid Waste Haulers
Recreational Camp License Applications
Mobile Food Service Application
Swimming Pool Operator Permit Application
Tanning Salon Permit Application
Temporary Food Permit Application
Tobacco Retailer Application


II. Inspections -

The following inspections are performed on a routine basis as mandated by state law: Food Establishments, Lodging Houses, Swimming Pools, Camps, and Tanning Salons.

The Health Dept. conducts investigations of the following in response to citizen complaints; Safe and Sanitary Housing, Lead Paint Determination, Food Establishments, and General Nuisance Conditions (i.e. trash, rodents).


III. Pamphlets, Fliers and Environmental Health Info - The Health Department maintains a wide array of educational materials. The following is a partial list of those available:

Alcohol Server Training Programs

Asbestos Contractor List

Bed Bug Advisory Fact Sheet

Certified Pool Operator Training

Compulsive Hoarding Checklist for Property Managers

Compulsive Hoarding Resource List

Compulsive Hoarding Toolbox: Tools for Service Providers

Certified Food Protection Manager Training

Critter Proofing Your Home and Yard

Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease

Demolition Requirements 2013

Drinking Water Testing Labs

Exterior Lead Paint Removal

Flood Water Cleanup

Flooding and Schools

Highlights of the State Sanitary Code Chapter II (Housing Code)

Housing Fact Sheet 1: Access

Housing Fact Sheet 2: Asbestos

Housing Fact Sheet 3: Asbestos Removal

Housing Fact Sheet 4: Curtailment of Service

Housing Fact Sheet 5: Extermination

Housing Fact Sheet 6: Storage of Rubbish and Garbage

Housing Fact Sheet 7: Heat

Housing Fact Sheet 8: Hot Water

Housing Fact Sheet 9: Lighting and Electrical Facilities

Housing Fact Sheet 10: Security

Landlord Lead Disclosure Form

Landlord Tenant Information: Summary of Occupant Responsibilities

Lead in Drinking Water Brochure

Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint Law

Licensed Pest Control Operators

Lyme Disease Message 08/2007

Mosquito and Insect Control

Norovirus Prevention Guidelines

Post Boiled Drinking Water Guideline for Residents

Prescription Drug Disposal

Radon Testing

Suggestions for Reducing Noise Pollution

Safe and Sanitary Needle Disposal

Tenants Rights Sheet

Tick Testing Labs

Rodent Advisory Fact Sheet


IV. Environmental Health Tips -

Summer Camp Tips
Water Safety Tips
Tanning Safety
Food Safety
Choking Prevention
Mosquito Control
Public Health Advisory on Bats and Rabies

Bat Advisory Resources

-- Licensed Pest Control Companies -

-- How to Critter Proof Your Yard - Critter Proofing Your Home and Yard



V. Rules and Regulations - The following is a list of State and Local by-laws that the Environmental Health Division enforces. Copies of State regulations may be obtained from the State House Bookstore (617-727-2834), located at One Beacon Hill in Boston. Town By-Laws may be obtained from the Brookline Health Department.

Copies of regulations downloaded from this web page are not considered "Certified True Copies" and should be used as guidelines only. To ensure you have a complete and true copy of the desired regulations you are encouraged to purchase a copy at the State House Bookstore.

Regulation Governing Housing, Chapter II

Regulations Governing Body Art Establishments

Regulations Governing Food Establishments, Chapter X

Regulations Governing Lodging Houses

Regulations Governing Recreation Camps

Regulations Governing Swimming Pools

Regulations Governing Tanning Salons

Town of Brookline Noise By-Law

Town of Brookline Smoking By-Law

Town By-Law Governing the Storage, Removal, and Handling of Solid Waste

Massachusetts Lead Law


VI. Upcoming and Regularly Scheduled Events -

Rabies Immunization Clinics- are held in the Spring.

Chokesaver Tips



VII. Web Links- For more information on local, state and federal environmental health topics visit the following organizations.




Massachusetts Health Officers Association

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

National Environmental Health Association

Environmental Protection Agency

Food and Drug Administration

United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Net

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Food Safety Office
CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
MA DPH Bureau of Environmental Assessment
MA DPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
MA DPH Community Sanitation Division
MA DPH Food Protection Program
MA DPH Retail Food Safety Information Web Site

Massachusetts Environmental Health Association

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Massachusetts Public Health Association

Massachusetts Tenant/Landlord Information

Toxic Use Reduction Institute

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


VIII. Hoarding Task Force - The Hoarding Task Force is a collaboration between the the Brookline Health Department, the Brookline Community Mental Health Center, and the Brookline Council on Aging.


Brookline Hoarding Task Force