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Child and School Health
Gloria Rudisch, Director of Child and School Health

Child Care Licensing Team:

Joyce Stavis-Zak- 617-730-2297
Nancy Safran- 617-730-2297

Link to State Department of Early Education and Care Website


Child Care Guide 2012 (PDF)


Playground SchedulePlayground Schedule (2012)

School Nurses

Description - The Child Health Program is concerned with those communicable diseases, which are vaccine preventable, and plays a key role in preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases. A regularly scheduled Immunization Clinic has been established to provide necessary immunization for children as well as at-risk adults in the community. Furthermore, the program serves as the Health Department liaison to the School Health Program and the nursing and health education staff in the Brookline Public Schools.

Activities and Objectives -

1. Provides consultation to the community regarding various child health issues including health care access as well as outreach activities.

2. Works to enroll uninsured youth in the Child Medical Security Plan in coordination with the Community Health Network.

3. Maintains violence prevention activities in the schools in conjunction with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program, including the Dating Violence Intervention Program and a program to counter bullying.

4. Implemented a Hepatitis B Immunization Program for High School students with continued educational campaign.

5. In conjunction with the Brookline Rotary and Police Dept., promotes bicycle safety through education programs and helmet distribution.


School Nurses

The Director of Child Health serves as the liaison between the Health Dept. and the Brookline School nurses.

Baker School- Mary Dunlop Devotion School- Beverly Gallagher

Driscoll School- Leslie Epps Heath School- Leslie Epps

High School- Deirdre London Lawrence School- Karen Miller

Lincoln School- Barbara Hedges Pierce School- Kate Donnelly

Runkle School- Barbara Hedges

Day Care Licensing and Inspection -

Under the direction of Dr. Rudisch the Health Dept. licenses and inspects Day Care facilities in Brookline per state law. A total of 20 day care centers are licensed and after school day care programs.