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Building Features/Information

The Brookline Health Department is happy to announce the re-opening of the Stephen Glover Train Memorial Health Center, Brookline’s first “green” municipal building.


“Green” building practices incorporate design elements, construction methods, and the use of environmentally friendly building materials to create a space which conserves energy, reduces waste products, and helps people be healthier and more productive.


As citizens of the world begin to realize just how fragile this beautiful earth is, the Brookline Health Department would like to set an example for how sustainable green building practices can be used not only for municipal buildings, but also residential homes, commercial offices, and industrial sites.


Train Memorial “Green” Building Features

Demolition and Renovation
• Separate metal, glass, and other materials
• Recycle metal and glass
• Reuse coping stones from roof
• Reuse cabinets in clinics and vaccine rooms
• Recycle bathroom fixtures


Materials and Resources
• Wood from sustainable forests (bamboo)
• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint to reduce greenhouse gases
• Cork floor in Library (sustainable material)
• Reduced CHCs (chlorofluorocarbons) in mechanical system (protects ozone)
• Use of composite agrifiber (cellulose) in Library


Energy Savings and Atmosphere
• Solar panels to provide 40% of building’s energy needs
• Automatic temperature controls to reduce energy use
• Low energy/high performance lighting
• Motion sensors for lights for automatic shut-off
• Transoms and glass walls to maximize interior light
• Double glaze windows to save energy


Indoor Environmental Quality
• Healthy building materials
• Windows that operate to take advantage of nice weather
• No carpets (reduces allergens)
• Adhesives and sealants that minimize off-gassing
• Doors that close in copy/printer rooms to reduce fumes
• Use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies


Water Efficiency
• Automatic faucets to reduce water use by up to 70%
• Low flow toilets (reduce water consumption by 10.5 gals/person/day)
• Waterless urinals (saves 1-3 gallons/use)


Other “Green” Features
• Bike rack to promote bike transit
• Showers to allow folks to clean up after biking in or working out
• Special window treatments to allow in light and keep out sun glare
• Automatic air hand dryers to reduce paper consumption
• Designated recyclables area
• Computer monitor display of solar energy production (in lobby) for educational purposes