Display Kiosks

The kiosks, Bluebike Stations and Facebook postings are for use by the Town and by local non-profit organizations to display public notices of meetings, programs, and other civic events. Please see the Town's kiosk guidelines for these spaces at the end of this page.

There are eight kiosks located at the Coolidge Corner T stop (3-sided), in Coolidge Corner at the Beacon/Webster Street intersection near the Marriott Courtyard (3-sided), and in Brookline Village at the intersection of Washington Street and Station Street near the Post Office (2-sided). Kiosk poster dimensions are 32” wide x 45” tall, including a 1” margin on all sides.

Single posters may also be posted at each of the Town's Hubway Stations on a monthly basis from April through mid-November. Hubway Stations are currently located in Brookline Village, Coolidge Corner, JFK Crossing and Washington Square. Hubway poster dimensions are 36" wide x 56" tall, including a 1" margin on all sides.

Requests for reserving kiosks at the kiosks and Hubway Stations should be emailed to [email protected]. Once reserved, email artwork for the posters as a .pdf to this same address, and the Town will print the posters for these locations.

A window display is also available at 99 Harvard Street for use in accordance with the same guidelines. Reservations can be made by emailing Linda Hickey at [email protected]. This window offers a small 3-dimensional space behind the window. All printing and displaying of items in this location are completed by individual organizations.

Digital copies of posters may also be posted on the Town’s Facebook page; call the Select Board's office at 617-730-2211. 

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Display Kiosk Guidelines

Updated: August 2016

The following guidelines shall govern the use of these kiosks:

Priority of Use

Due to the demand for kiosk use, priority shall be given as follows:

  • Notices of Annual and Special Town Meetings, public elections, and Candidates’ Nights.
  • Events sponsored by Town departments and public schools.
  • Events approved by Town officials or departments as furthering the Town’s objectives.
  • Events sponsored by local non-profit organizations.

Design Quality

The kiosks are located in highly visible public areas. As such, posters should be designed and formatted to print at a high quality. We reserve the right to reject posters that are not formatted to print at the specified dimensions.

Poster Graphic Specifications

The size of the kiosk posters are 32" wide by 45" high with 1” margins all the way around. The top and bottom inch on the poster should be background only since it is mostly covered by the magnetic strips that are used to attach the poster. Poster images should be emailed as a .pdf file to the Department. While we can print in full color, large expanses of solid color for the background (unrelieved by text or graphics) should be avoided, since this may result in a streaky appearance or unexpected color change on the printer. The .pdf file should be sent one week before the poster is scheduled to be installed, to allow ample time to solve print issues.

Town Printing of Posters

While the Select Board's Office currently offers printing of the posters for these kiosks, the Department may not always be able to provide such a service, and/or may require printing fees. Users of the kiosks may always provide the Department with their own posters that meet the size guidelines. Posters will be removed by the Department and recycled.

Exclusions and Approval

The following items shall not be approved for kiosk display:

  • Items that promote political fundraising, or that promote or oppose a matter placed, or to be placed, before voters at the polls or that otherwise promote a political campaign purpose within the meaning of G.L. c. 55;
  • Items that endorse or oppose religion or any particular religion; or
  • Materials that are deemed inappropriate for a general audience of all ages.

However, an event with non-religious purpose and content sponsored by an entity listed above may use the kiosks for an event that is to be located at a religious or privately owned building. Approval of poster content shall be made by the Select Board's Office, in its/their sole discretion.

General Guidelines & Procedures:

Reservations: The kiosk spaces, Hubway Stations and the 99 Harvard St. community window will generally be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. The spaces are reserved on a Monday through Sunday basis, and are usually available for two or four week blocks. All users will only be allowed to reserve one location at a time. Additionally, the Town reserves the right to switch out posters or displays based on priority as described above. When a user requests a kiosk location, they are agreeing that:

  • Materials may be removed at any of these locations for any reason at the Town’s discretion, including priority of other users as described above, inappropriateness, or for any other reason.
  • The Town shall not be responsible for loss or damage of materials posted or displayed.

Additional Guidelines & Procedures for the Community Window Display at 99 Harvard St.

The Town does not provide any materials for this location. Users of this space should provide a visually interesting display that takes advantage of the depth of the display space (i.e., not just posters taped on the windows). The user of the window space is responsible for removing all materials at the end of the reserved time.