Coyotes in Brookline

Report a Coyote Sighting

Coyote sightings are now being tracked both by calls taken by the Brookline Police Department, as well as a new web form.
Click Here to Report a Coyote Sighting using the web form

NOTE: Reporting a sighting using this web form does NOT initiate a police response. To report a threat or obtain police assistance, please call the Brookline Police 24 hours a day at (617) 730-2222.

View Brookline Coyote Data

View all coyote sightings from the past 90 days, mapped out on the Town of Brookline’s GIS mapping viewer.

Useful Coyote Information & Resources

Town of Brookline Coyote Advisory/Door Hanger with tips on keeping coyotes away from your home (PDF)

Coyote Hazing Guide with tips on how to respond to coyotes (PDF)

Brookline Parks and Open Space Division’s “Living With Wildlife” webpage

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife’s “Living With Coyotes” webpage