D. Blakeley Hoar Sanctuary

As a result of the environmental concerns of a Brookline resident more than one-half century ago, Brookline has a 25-acre natural area open for public enjoyment. The Sanctuary is located in southwestern Brookline, in the Sawmill Brook floodplain, behind Westbrook Village and adjacent to the Edith C. Baker School. It abuts Boston to the southwest and is near the Newton-Brookline border.

A single trail beginning behind the Baker School tennis courts runs through the Sanctuary, enabling visitors to see a variety of vegetation and wildlife. The trail is identified by blue or yellow markings on trees. From the trail, visitors may also see several bird and bat houses that were installed in 2014 for an Eagle Scout project, and provide valuable nesting space for wood ducks, downy and hairy woodpeckers, and bats. public enjoyment.

Location and other details