Hall's Pond Sanctuary

Hall's Pond Sanctuary is one of only two natural ponds remaining in Brookline. Together with the adjacent Amory woods, it is the only land in North Brookline set aside for conservation purposes. The sanctuary, which is administered by the Brookline Conservation Commission, consists of the pond and its surrounding shores and upland. The total area covers approximately 3.5 acres.

While most of the land and water within the Sanctuary have been left in a natural state, there is a formal garden that was planted shortly after the turn of the century and cultivated ever since. The Sanctuary comprises a lush growth of trees, vines and bushes, which provide an excellent habitat and nesting grounds for a wide variety of birds and animal life rarely found in an urban setting.

Location and other details

Download the Hall's Pond Sanctuary Work Plan, approved on 7/20/10 by the Conservation Commission (PDF)

Visit the Friends of Hall's Pond website. The Friends partners with the Conservation Commission as stewards of the sanctuary. Their initiatives include Community Work Days, tending the Formal Garden and raising funds for the Horticultural Fund.