The Select Board appoint a committee of seven members (the "Committee"), of whom three shall be designated by and be members of the Commission and three shall be designated by and be members of the Using Agency. One member shall be designated by the Select Board, who shall serve as Chair (See Article 3.7 of the General By-Laws). The Committee shall meet promptly after it is appointed and proceed with the selection of a consultant for the preparation of a feasibility study for the project, schematic design studies for the project, a cost estimate for the project (including life-cycle costs), and any special studies which the Commission and the Using Agency jointly recommend. The work of the consultant shall consider the Using Agency’s program, including but not limited to, investigation, cost-benefit analysis, and recommendation of appropriate options that address the environmental and sustainability goals and objectives. Having made its selection, the Committee shall report its selection to the Commission, the Using Agency, and the Select Board; and the Select Board shall thereupon discharge the Committee.

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