Override Study Committee

Charge to the Committee (as of September 5, 2017):

The Board of Selectmen shall establish a 2017 Override Study Committee (OSC) to determine whether an operating tax override of Proposition 2½ shall be recommended to support the Town’s FY 2019 Budget. The recommendation shall detail the amount of any override, its allocation and for how long its intended support until consideration of the next tax override. The OSC shall be a temporary committee consisting of 7 or 9 members. The OSC shall include a member of the Board of Selectmen, a member of the School Committee, and a member of the Advisory Committee. The remaining members shall be appointed in a manner to balance the various interests of the community. The Town Administrator and the Superintendent of Schools and their respective staff shall participate in the OSC process but shall not be members of the Committee.

The 2017 Override Study Committee (OSC) shall build upon the strong foundation provided by the 2014 Override Study Committee, the Efficiency Initiative Committee (2009), the Facilities Master Plan for the Schools (2008/2010), and the findings and recommendations of the Brookline School Enrollment and Capacity Exploration (B-SPACE) committee (2013). The 2017 OSC shall complete the following tasks in connection with this Charge:

  1. Utilizing the Town’s long-range forecast and budget projections, determine the structural budget gap for Fiscal Year 2019 and beyond;
  2. Examine school enrollment projections and costs associated with enrollment growth including operational costs associated with the expanded Devotion School, High School and new 9th Elementary School.
  3. Assess the adoption and implementation of the efficiencies and best practices identified by prior override study and efficiency committees;
  4. Examine potential non-override revenue sources, including costs, feasibility, potential savings and other impacts of potential adoption and implementation;
  5. Benchmark Town and School programs, expenditures and revenues with comparable municipalities;
  6. Compile data that shows the impact that increased taxes and fees will have on taxpayer and residents[1];
  7. With input from the Town Administrator and School Superintendent, prioritize programs or other expenditures for funding.
  8. Analyze the impact to Town and School programs of failure of its recommendations.

The 2017 OSC shall submit a detailed written report of its findings and recommendations no later than February 9, 2018. As the Board of Selectmen determines, the Committee shall remain in place and participate in public forums to communicate its report and recommendations.


[1] While costs of capital projects shall be taken into consideration when compiling impact data, the 2017 OSC shall not be empowered to review or comment upon the selection of a site for the 9th elementary school or the expansion of the Brookline High School.


Complete Report to the Select Board of the 2017 Override Study Committee (PDF)

Report to the Select Board without Appendices (PDF)

Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)

Select Board Meeting Schedule:

Presentation of the Report to the Select Board - Tuesday, February 13, 2018 during the Select Board Meeting

Location: Select Board Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street, Approximately 8:00pm

Brookline Interactive Group Recording of the February 13, 2018 Select Board Meeting

(Override Presentation begins at approximately 2:33:30 in the BIG recording)

Public Hearing on the Recommendation of the Override Study Committee - Tuesday, February 27, 2018 during the Select Board Meeting

Location: Select Board Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street, Approximately 7:00pm

Brookline Interactive Group Recording of the February 27, 2018 Select Board Meeting

(Public Hearing begins at approximately 2:11:20 in the BIG recording)

Proposition 2 1/2 Override Discussion - Tuesday, March 6, 2018, during the Select Board Meeting

Location: Select Board Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street, Approximately 8:30pm

Download the March 6, 2018 Select Board Agenda (PDF)

Select Board to Adopt a Final Vote on Language for the Override Ballot Questions - Tuesday, March 13, 2018 

Location: Select Board Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street, Approximately 7:15pm

Materials for the March 13th meeting:

Select Board Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Alternate 1: Override Base Proposal (PDF)

Alternate 2: Override Base Proposal plus 1 South Brookline Bus ($400 fee) (PDF)

Alternate 3: Override Base Proposal plus 2 South Brookline Buses ($400 fee) (PDF)


PDF Version of the Charge to the Committee (PDF)

October 23, 2017 Introductory Presentation (PDF)

Prop 2.5 Ballot Questions Requirements and Procedures (PDF)

Presentation on Override Process - 11.01.2017 (PDF)

Review of 2014 Recommendations (Powerpoint)

2017 OSC School Budget Primer (PDF)

2015 Override Study Review (PDF)

2019-2023 Preliminary Projection Schools (PDF)

School Projection and Enrollment (PDF)

FY19 Initial Budget Presentation School Committee Workshop (PDF)

Capacity to Pay Memo (PDF)


Ben Franco, Board of Selectmen

Heather Hamilton, Board of Selectmen

Julie Schreiner-Oldham, School Committee

Betsy DeWitt – Resident

Meggan Levene - Resident

Harold Petersen – Resident

Jeff Rudolph – Resident

Michael Sandman - Advisory Committee

2014 Override Study Committee Archive Page

Agendas & Minutes

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