Brookline is My Home

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please join together for Brookline's annual celebration of the life and values of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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When you walk around the Town of Brookline, imagine all the houses were the same shapes and color, and all the flower banks in fronts of those houses were all purple lilacs. The monotony and sameness would make it dull. No one would be attracted to it. But we all enjoy the different colors that complement what attracts us to admire the beauty of mixing different colors. We often under-appreciate diversity in our town. This project will encourage us all to embrace what makes us different and recognize what makes us the same.

What is this about?:

Do you have ideas to promote our diverse community? Please email Lloyd Gellineau.

"Cultural diversity is important because if it wasn't for cultural diversity then man will not be able to evolved into better smarter and cleaner individuals."

Cultural Events

Since religion played a major role to assimilation in American society, the church as another faith-based organization continues to play a vital role in advocating on behalf of immigrants to assimilate in American culture. While adapting to another culture, religious faith remains as an integral part of the immigrant culture. Deeply rooted faith sustains the individual’s transition to a new way of life. The influence of social gatherings, involving: music, dancing, and sharing ethnic foods broker of common bonds. Every ethnic culture contributes to the landscape, which is called the melting pot of the United States of America.

Cultural Displays

Brookline is My Home display's cultural artifacts around the Town.

On Display Now:
Irish History in Brookline

Past Displays:

Argentina is a Country of Immigrants

Photo Gallery of Haitian Art Display in Brookline Town Hall.

Informing the community about diversity

Cultural gatherings: The chance to share culture within a particular community and to also share it with people who live in the Town of Brookline who are not from that group. We have to work to make them curious about a culture which is not one they know about! We have to make it comfortable for them to come.

Besides the gatherings themselves, I think a booklet or a newsletter about each group could be published with oral histories, family stories and "coming to America" stories), folktales, songs, recipes, sometimes recipes are the only thing offered in cultural exchanges), also games, customs, holidays. Moreover, some statements about life in the town within this particular ethnic.

Multimedia Presentation in different languages

Acknowledge a specific cultural group. What will they tell about their country, where they from in their native language. “Brookline is my home”. This avenue will help to find out about their country of origin: allowing many different ideas that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Embracing diversity will evolve individual into a better understanding.

Pictures of people with their native country’s flag

Events for all different generations, children including: the old settlers to the newly arrived. Ethnic storytelling and music; African crafts and drumming; Brazilian and Caribbean’s Carnival, etc.. Mask’s making for Day of the Dead celebrations (Hispanic.) The influence of social gatherings, involving: music, dancing, and sharing ethnic foods broker of common bonds and a major role to assimilation in American society. Having a costume parade, displaying arts, crafts, food and music

Spotlighting on different cultures

The history of immigration shows that most immigrants at the beginning lack support from wider based social organizations, and thus have been forced to take on the responsibility by socializing themselves or with the assistance of their families or ethnically based organizations when they first arrived. To be understood and recognized by the rest of Brookline. The fact is that many members of long- time established Brookline cultural groups (Irish, Italian, Jewish, English, African-American) have almost no idea that, for example, how the Latino community lives, the Afro-Caribbean. Just to be very specific, an Irish or Swiss or Jewish person living in Brookline may very well have never met a Latino with it vibrant culture.

United States of America has opened its doors to many immigrants, has always recognized the countries where they from. Most settlements were composed of complete family groups with several generations already established in America.

Town wide annual events

Showcase a town wide exhibit for each particular ethnic culture.

Every individual has a gift to offer and to share with others. People need people in their lives, by building relationship from diverse backgrounds. People can learn from each other in partnership and by engaging in common bond to access to opportunity. Building relationship and creating a community that can come together and making better connection toward to begin to come together as one.