Resident Overnight Parking

Residents with no off-street parking spaces may find it difficult to comply with the all night parking ban. To minimize this inconvenience, the Town of Brookline rents out a total of 325 spaces in 11 town-owned parking lots and the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. Please complete the Resident Overnight Permit Application

Overnight Resident Parking Lots

  • Coolidge Corner
    • Lot 1 - Beacon Street Median - 60 spaces
    • Lot 2 - Centre Street West - 56 Spaces
    • Lot 3 - Babcock Street - 47 Spaces
    • Lot 4 - John St. - 14 Spaces
    • Lot 9 - Courtyard Marriott Hotel - 60 Spaces
    • Lot 11 - Centre Street East - 10 Spaces
  • Brookline Village
    • Lot 5 - School Street - 14 Spaces
    • Lot 6 - Kent/Webster Pl - 13 Spaces
    • Lot 7 - Kent/Station St - 15 Spaces
  • JFK Crossing
    • Lot 8 - Fuller Street - 10 Spaces
  • Washington Square
    • Lot 10 - Beacon Street Median - 10 Spaces
  • St. Mary's/Lower Beacon
    • Lot 14 - Beacon Street Median - 10 Spaces
  • Chestnut Hill
    • Heath School Lot

Cost for a space:

$100.00/month (Billed to your address and payable each quarter ($300))
Hours of parking: Weekdays and Saturday: 8 PM to 9 AM
Sundays and Holidays: All Day/Evening


Car must be registered in Massachusetts to a Brookline address.
(Exceptions: lease vehicles, company cars, and full time students who are not residents of Brookline.)
Current excise tax must be paid

Waiting List

If you would like to place your name on the waiting list for one or more of the above lots please call (617)730-2177 with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Brookline Address
  3. Contact Phone Number

We will contact you via telephone when a space becomes available. The spaces turn-over significantly every three months due to our billing cycle, but it could be a shorter wait for a space.

Private Parking Lots

A number of private lot owners also rent overnight parking spaces on a monthly basis to area residents. Those property owners renting out parking spaces to anyone other then a tenant, are required to obtain an Open Air Parking Space License. View a current list of Open Air Parking Space license holders (PDF) for the current year's names, locations and lot sizes. Residents who need an overnight parking space and live in close proximity to one of these private lots may want to contact the lot owner directly to determine the availability of overnight parking spaces.