Hubway Advisory Committee


  • Select member Neil Wishinsky
  • Chris Dempsey
  • Chris Dippel
  • Andrew Fischer
  • Neil Gordon
  • Justin Lukoff


The charge of the Brookline Hubway Advisory Committee is to analyze current operations and possible expansion opportunities for the Town of Brookline as part of its participation in the Hubway Bicycle Share system. The analysis should include a review of financial mechanisms that support the existing program and exploration of funding opportunities that could assist the Town in creating a financially and operationally sustainable bike share system compatible with the regional Hubway network.

The Advisory Committee will examine:

  • Current operations and the existing financial and operational model
  • Opportunities for increased membership and awareness of Hubway within Brookline
  • Prospective new locations for additional stations and/or docks
  • Private, public and/or non-profit partnerships and
  • Funding sources that will provide continued financial stability and enhance the operations of the overall network with respect to connectivity and user experience.

Data sources include, but are not limited to financial, performance and operations data tracked by Alta Bicycle Share or the Town, census data, surveys and data gathered from general public outreach. This data will be explored to support recommendations for any future system expansion as well as recommendations for any changes to the operational model of the Brookline portion of Hubway.

The Advisory Committee is to report back to the Board of Selectmen by June 30, 2015 with its findings and recommendations. The committee will continue in an advisory role, at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen after its initial study is complete.

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