Noise Bylaw Committee

Final Report of the Selectmen’s Noise Bylaw Committee June 24, 2015 (PDF)


  • Selectman Ben Franco, Chair
  • Daniel Reuven Fishman
  • Neil Gordon
  • Judy Meyers
  • Richard Nangle
  • Irene Scharf
  • Beth Shuman
  • Maura Toomey


The noise by-law review committee was established by the Board of Selectmen in October, 2014. The committee was established following the filing by a citizen petitioner of two warrant articles at successive town meetings (Annual 2014 Town Meeting and November 2014 Special Town Meeting). The articles sought to amend the existing noise by-law. The town meetings voted No Action on the articles indicating rejection of the changes sought. Still, the Board of Selectmen felt it appropriate to form a committee to review the by-law because of comments received during the warrant article review process. The charge of the noise by-law review committee shall be:

  1. Reviewing the enforcement provisions and procedures of the existing By-Law to ensure effective and efficient regulation of excessive noise;
  2. Considering whether inconsistencies exist in the town’s general by-law between the noise by-law – Section 8.15 – and the leaf blower by-law – Section 8.31;
  3. Recommending to the Board of Selectmen in the form of a warrant article:
    1. Changes to the noise by-law enforcement provisions and procedures
    2. Remedies to inconsistencies that may exist between Sections 8.15 and 8.31 of the general by-laws.

The noise by-law review committee shall disband upon filing its recommendations with the Board of Selectmen.

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