Cable Television Advisory Committee


  • Selectmen Neil Wishinsky, Chairman
  • School Superintendent or his designee
  • Mel Kleckner / Melissa Goff - Town Administrator or his designee
  • Kathy Bisbee, BIG Executive Director
  • Kevin Stokes, Brookline CIO
  • Frank Caro, Citizen Representative
  • Melissa Trevvett, Citizen Representative

Committee Charge

The charge of the Cable Television Advisory Committee is to advise the Board of Selectmen concerning contract negotiations with cable television providers and determine whether the cable television companies are meeting the stipulations listed in the contracts.

The Committee will:

  • assess local cable needs from the community
  • monitor company compliance with the contract
  • negotiate contracts with cable providers in the best interest of the community in terms of programming, cost to consumer, and amenities provided to the municipality and schools, and make recommendations to the licensing authority (the Board of Selectmen) regarding contract terms.