Audi Brookline 308-328 Boylston St

Please email any comments on the Audi Brookline project to the attention of Polly Selkoe, Assistant Director for Regulatory Planning.

UPDATE: The Applicant has submitted revised plans for a reduced-scale proposal. This new proposal no longer qualifies under the Zoning By-Law as a Major Impact Project. There will not be any further Design Advisory Team meetings. Zoning relief has been requested. The project will be presented to the Planning Board on June 15th, 2017 and to the ZBA on June 29th, 2017.

 View the new plans (PDF).

Audi Brookline DAT Members include:

  • Linda Hamlin, Chair
  • Garry Boyce
  • Elton Elperin
  • Blair Hines
  • Phil Kramer
  • Tom Nally

Major Impact Project Review