Larz Anderson Park

Larz Anderson Park Aerial


Larz Anderson Park has the distinction of being not only the largest park in Brookline at over 65 acres, but also one of the most historically and culturally significant landscapes. The site is the former estate of Larz Anderson and his wife Isabel Weld Perkins Anderson, an elite social couple of the early 20th century, and is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places. A tremendous amount of work is required to realize the restoration and preservation goals of the Larz Anderson Master Plan. The projects will be completed in phases as Town, private and grant funding becomes available.

The scope of work for the current Larz Anderson Park Project is to repair, restore and/or replace critical access and infrastructure elements in the park including key multimodal circulation features and structures such as pedestrian paths, stairs, historic bridges, parking, a carriage road, lighting, and drainage. The carriage road, which runs through the park and is critical for overall access, will be repaired and reconstructed. Drainage infrastructure and erosion will also be addressed and will improve not only the condition of the park, but water quality at the pond, a significant destination and resource. In addition to the necessary improvements to park circulation and infrastructure, work will continue on the Larz Anderson Horticulture Master Plan with restoration of the woodlands and meadow area, both of which will add to the environmental value of the park and wildlife habitat. There is proposed funding for upgrades to the comfort station including accessibility, ventilation and facade improvements. If future funding becomes available, lighting and/or conduit will be added or replaced at existing entrances for improved visibility, safety and to better welcome and direct visitors. Improved safety lighting is necessary to support evening recreational uses at the park, such as the outdoor skating rink and public events hosted by the Transportation Museum. In addition, a perimeter loop path would be completed to significantly enhance recreation opportunities and improve access, enjoyment, visitation, and health and wellness in the park.

Completion of these critical infrastructure and environmental improvements will enhance the recreational benefits of Larz Anderson Park, provide for greater inclusion, address significant access and safety needs, and better serve all park visitors.