Moving Permits (No Parking Signs)

No Parking Signs for Moving & Construction Purposes

Sign = $5.00 each

Measurement Guidelines for No Parking Signs

No Parking Sign

Parking Area RequiredNumber of Signs
20' or less1 sign
20' - 40'2 signs
40' - 60'3 signs
60' to 80'4 signs
Metered Spaces1 sign per meter head

Self-managed Process, Rules and Responsibilities include:

  • Post sign/s after 6:00pm the evening prior to the scheduled event
  • Remove sign/s after the scheduled event
  • Attach sign/s to any of the following (sign poles, meter heads, telephone poles, trees, etc.)
  • Attachment methods include tape, twine, rope, etc. Note: Nails & Staples Prohibited
  • Prohibited from blocking bike lanes and crosswalks
  • Prohibited from blocking handicap parking spaces and driveways
  • Prohibited from posting sign/s 10’ from fire hydrants
  • Prohibited from posting sign/s 20’ from intersections
  • Prohibited from covering existing signs
  • Prohibited from reusing or altering signs

The Police will NOT honor the signs if the rules and responsibilities are not followed.

Meter Rental Guidelines

$15.00 Per Meter Per Day
Attach sign/s to meter heads
Daytime hours for meters appear in parking meter

Pick Up Signs At...

Brookline Town Hall
333 Washington St, 4th Floor
Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm,
Friday 8am to 12:30pm

Permits for PODs and other Moving Boxes

You must have an Occupancy Permit from the Department of Public Works to place a moving box on the street. Contact them at 617-730-2156 or via email at [email protected]