Comptroller's Office

Department Responsibilities

The Comptroller Department operates within the Department of Finance. The department is responsible for maintaining and administering a financial accounting and management information system that provides accurate, complete, and timely information pertaining to all financial activities of town departments, agencies, commissions, and authorities.

The comptroller is responsible for oversight of fiscal compliance with all local, state, and federal statutes, regulations, and other mandates, as well as adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and sound internal control procedures as prescribed by Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards (GAGAS). 

Major Responsibilities

  • 54-page Schedule A report
  • All funds balance sheet
  • Annual certified Single Audit report
  • Audit Committee administration
  • Certification of availability of funds prior to contract acceptance by the town
  • Debt limit reporting
  • Detailed records, as prescribed by statute, of all unauthorized, issued, and outstanding debt and debt service
  • "Free cash" certification
  • Periodic state-mandated reporting requirements including quarterly cash reconciliation's

Additional Responsibilities

  • All federal, state, local, and private grants, gifts, bequest, and similar trust and agency type funds
  • Custody and control of all vendor contracts and surety
  • Internal control review and audit administration
  • Maintaining a system of appropriation/expenditure control to prevent illegal over-expenditures
  • Vendor payment program including review, audit, payment preparation, and disbursement authorization