Boston University Theatre

Boston University is planning to develop a new studio “black box” theatre and supporting theatre production and education facilities for its School of Theatre in the College of Fine Arts on a site between Commonwealth Avenue and Dummer Street, between Essex and Amory Streets, owned by the University. The project will qualify as a Major Impact Project under the Brookline Zoning By-Laws.

The project site consists of a 154,989 GSF parcel of land located behind and adjacent to the property known as 808 Commonwealth Avenue, and is bordered by Commonwealth Avenue to the north, Essex Street to the east, and Dummer Street to the south. The area of the project site to be developed is currently used as surface parking lots. The site is entirely within the G-2.0 Zoning District, and is adjacent to an S Zoning District south of Dummer Street. Adjacent Boston University buildings will not be redeveloped as part of this project.

The project as proposed consists of the following components:

  • A studio “black box” theatre, to be used for student theatrical productions, and performance support spaces of about 21,000 gsf;
  • Production, support facilities related to theatre education program of the University of approximately 27,000 gsf;
  • Faculty offices and teaching spaces of approximately 14,000 gsf;
  • Additional circulation, mechanical, service and support spaces of about 13,000 gsf;
  • A subsurface parking garage containing approximately 57 parking spaces and a reconfigured surface parking lot containing 93 spaces;
  • A new landscaped plaza fronting on Commonwealth Avenue; and
  • Fully landscaped buffer areas fronting on Essex and Dummer Streets.

The site plan is organized around a significant landscaped public plaza fronting on Commonwealth Avenue and a 20 foot wide pedestrian mall leading from this new plaza, between the new theatre and the 808 Commonwealth Avenue Building, to the main entrance of the new facility. Vehicular access to the project will be from the existing curb-cut on Essex Street, as will off-street loading. Vehicles will exit the parking facility on Dummer Street, near the intersection of Amory Street.

Proposal and Plans