Strategic Asset Plan & Major Parcel Study

Last Modified: 6-27-2022

In 2017 and 2018, the Town of Brookline conducted two related long-range planning studies, the Strategic Asset Plan (SAP) and the Major Parcel Study (MPS). The final reports are available in column to the right.

The Planning Board discussed implementation at their May 2nd, 2018 meeting.

The goal of the SAP was to evaluate existing Town facilities and to identify new facilities that will be needed in the next 5 to 15 years for its programmatic and service goals. This study includes 75 buildings, 107 town properties, and 17 departments or divisions. The MPS built on the recommendations of the SAP by studying public and privately-owned parcels of land over 2 acres in the Town to assess current uses and evaluate potential options for continuing or different uses in the future.

On September 13th and November 30th, 2017, we held public forums regarding these two studies. In addition to Subcommittee meetings in December and January, a combined final meeting with the Planning Board and Select Board was held in late January 2018.

Both studies were managed by the Department of Planning and Community Development under the supervision of subcommittee of the Town Planning Board. This Planning Subcommittee includes Bob Cook, chair, from the Planning Board; Neil Wishinsky, chair of the Board of Selectmen; Betsy DeWitt, past member of the Board of Selectmen; George Cole, member of the Building Commission; Carla Benka, vice chair of the Advisory Committee, chair of the Capital Subcommittee; and Lynda Roseman, executive board member of the Brookline Neighborhood Alliance. The Town has hired a team of consultants consisting of the planning firm Sasaki in collaboration with RKG Associates. The Town budgeted $175,000 for this contract.

Over the last couple of years, much planning in Brookline has focused on the near future facility needs of the schools through the School Department. As a result of changing demographics, advances in technology, and new types of service needs, the SAP evaluates capital needs beyond the five year timeframe represented by the Town Capital Improvement Program (PDF). Through site visits to existing facilities and interviews with Town officials and department heads, the SAP summarizes these needs in a single document and recommended possible solutions.

Given the number of large parcels owned by the Town, the MPS evaluated whether the current uses of these parcels best serve the longer-term needs of Brookline and what alternative options might be considered. In addition, in recent years the Town has experienced multiple examples of large properties that have been converted to single family home sites in an unpredictable fashion. Through the study of all existing public and private large parcels, the MPS provides a comprehensive assessment of possible future options for any potential conversion of use.

Planning Board Subcommittee for Strategic Asset Plan & Major Parcel Study

Purpose & Scope (PDF)

  • Planning Board - Bob Cook
  • Board of Selectmen - Neil Wishinsky
  • Previous Board of Selectmen - Betsy DeWitt
  • Building Commission - George Cole
  • Advisory Committee, Capital Subcommittee - Carla Benka
  • Brookline Neighborhood Alliance - Lynda Roseman

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