384 Harvard Street (JCHE)

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE) has submitted a project eligibility application to subsidizing agency Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to construct a 62-unit senior affordable housing project at 384 Harvard Street.

The property owner was granted a site approval letter ("Project Eligibility Letter") and subsequently, submitted a Comprehensive Permit Application to the Brookline Zoning Board of Appeals. At this time, no permit has been granted for the proposal. If you have any questions, please call the Planning Department at 617-730-2130 or email Planning Director Alison Steinfeld.

REQUEST FOR MODIFICATION: Applicant requesting a modification to the unit mix from the approved unit mixed - to be discussed at the ZBA on 3/28/2019

ZBA VOTED: Approval with Conditions (3/22/2017)


Decision on Comprehensive Permit Application for 384 Harvard Street:

Key project deadlines and materials are available below.

June 28, 2016: Applicant submitted Project Eligibility Letter application to DHCD.
August 16, 2016: The applicant will present the Site Eligibility proposal for the Board of Selectmen. Notice of Hearing (PDF)
The Board of Selectmen will draft comments to submit to subsiding agency (PDF) and will consider public comment. To submit comments directly to DHCD on site eligibility, please download these instructions (PDF).
September 9, 2016Project Eligibility/Site Approval Letter issued by MassHousing
November 4, 2016Comprehensive Permit Application submitted to the Board of Appeals
December 14, 2016: First hearing - Applicant will present application to the ZBA. 7:30 pm, 6th floor hearing room.  

March 22, 2017 draft (PDF) - to be discussed at March 22, 2017 hearing

Site Approval Application - June 28, 2016 (PDF)
Town Response to DHCD - September 9, 2016 (PDF)
DHCD PEL Site Aproved - September 9, 2016 (PDF)

384 Harvard Street (JCHE) Application- Complete Storm Water Report (Large File) (PDF)
384 Harvard Street (JCHE) Application- Storm Water Executive Summary (Smaller File) (PDF)
JCHE Plans Submitted 11.4.2016 (PDF)
JCHE Plans Submitted 12.5.2016 (PDF)
JCHE Materials Submitted to Transportation Board 1.5.2016 (PDF)
JCHE Trash and Recycling Plan Submitted 1.9.17 (PDF)
JCHE Presentation to Planning Board 1.5.2017 (PDF)
Updated Plans 2.8.2017 (PDF)
JCHE Presentation to the ZBA 2.27.2017 (PDF)

Public Comment
Frank Caro - August 2016 (PEL) (PDF)
Adele Fleet Bacow
Cathy and Ken Kaplan (PDF)
Linda Pehlke (PDF)
Pamela Goodman (PDF)
Nathan E. Peck (PDF)
David Williams (PDF)
Jennifer Gallop (PDF)
Beth Kates (PDF)
Carmine Bruno (PDF)

Town Department Comments
Preservation Commission (PDF)
Fire Department (PDF)
Health Department (PDF)
Planning Board (PDF)

Transportation Board Comments
12/21/2016 (PDF)
1/18/2017 (PDF)

Peer Review Reports
Traffic Report (PDF)
Parking Report (PDF)
Design Report (PDF)