Economic Development & Long-Term Planning Division

The Division encourages appropriate commercial growth, fosters the prosperity of businesses in the town's commercial areas, and implements long-term planning initiatives. We do this by:

  • Analyzing potential commercial development opportunities that take advantage of regional market opportunities, local values and demographics, and neighborhood character
  • Working with developers prior to zoning and permitting processes and cultivating relationships between individuals rather than entities
  • Collaborating with local business associations to foster a common agenda among Town officials, store owners, commercial landlords, and neighborhood residents
  • Conducting research and outreach to suggest policy changes to improve our commercial areas
  • Improving the functional and aesthetic qualities of public space in our commercial areas
  • Support neighborhood groups and non-profits in programming of our commercial areas
  • Assisting individual businesses with business plans, identifying financial support and outreach / networking opportunities
  • Conduct research and outreach to suggest policy changes related to long-term planning initiatives
  • Assist Town Agencies and Boards/Commissions in implementing and updating the Comprehensive Plan
  • Assist the Town Administrator's Office, other Departments, and Planning Board in creating the Capital Improvements Program