Economic Development & Long-Term Planning Division

Mission - the overarching goals that drive our work

 Promote commercial development that enhances tax growth and offsets fiscal burdens for residents so that the Town can provide high quality programs and services

 Aid in the growth and prosperity of the town’s business community

 Improve the functional and aesthetic qualities of public space in commercial areas

 Ensure long-term capital needs are met

 Update and implement the Comprehensive Plan

 Reduce climate-changing greenhouse emissions to achieve zero emissions by 2050 and prepare for climate-change impacts

Current Focus Areas -  the topics and areas where we will have a measurable impact over the next five years

Improve Strategic Messaging and Communications

Increase awareness among residents and property owners about the benefits and impacts of new commercial tax growth. Employ new mechanisms to deliver these messages through the use of news, social media, partner organizations, or other tools for communication.

Encourage Commercial Development

Facilitate appropriate, market-driven commercial and mixed-use development where neighborhood character, infrastructure capacity, and site conditions are suitable.

Promote Business Success

Create and identify resources and programs that support the business community. Encourage messaging and branding for the commercial areas that resonate with residents, visitors, and the business community.

Long-Term Planning/Regional Issues

Develop and implement a framework through which future growth might be managed and directed.

Guiding Principles - the core values that underpin all of our work

 Inclusiveness: We will intentionally seek and integrate the interests and views of a diverse range of people that live, visit, work, or own property in Brookline.

 Pragmatic optimism: We will focus the energy and enthusiasm we have as professionals to be the most effective in our work.

 Innovation: We will bring creative thinking to our work and strive to approach projects with an open mind and fresh perspective, while always seeking novel ways to achieve our goals.