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Comprehensive Plan

In late 2023, the Planning Process Study Committee finished their work with the Planning Department to develop a work program, budget, and scope for an inclusive, community-driven planning and zoning reform process. The Town is now selecting a consultant, will likely begin work in Spring 2024. The last Brookline Comprehensive Plan (PDF) was published in 2005. Although not required by state law, it serves as a guiding tool for actions of the town as well as the town's official comprehensive, or master, plan under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 41, section 81D. More Information on the Comprehensive Plan

Linkage Study

Reports and Plans IconOn January 9 2024, the Select Board approved the second phase of the Linkage Fee Nexus Study. A Linkage Fee is a fee imposed on a non-residential development for the purpose of supporting affordable housing and/or job training. Linkage fees are theoretically justified since non-residential development does attract workers and impact housing availability/affordability. Fees are levied as an amount of money per square foot. Linkage fee programs can include: a threshold square footage, variable rate for different uses or locations, etc. A key reason to support linkage fees include predictability both for developers as well as the community. Common in the Metrowest area and throughout the country, Brookline has not yet adopted a linkage fee. In the recent past, large commercial projects have required a rezoning and change of Town land or easement, in which case developer agreements were negotiated on a case by case basis. Once the study is complete, the Economic Development Advisory Board, Select Board, and Advisory Committee will hold multiple hearings to determine whether, and how, any linkage fee should be adopted by the Town. Those recommendations will then go to Town Meeting for permission to file a home rule petition with the state. If the state permits such a program, the details will then be voted again by Town Meeting for adoption.

Housing Production Plan

Housing Production PlanA Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing. The purpose of a Housing Production Plan is to identify and address the affordable housing needs of low- or moderate-income people. Additionally, the state requires communities to have a Plan approved by the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities every five years in order to declare a so-called "safe harbor" status - meaning there has been recent housing production such that the Zoning Board of Appeals does not have to consider Comprehensive Permits under Mass General Law Chapter 40B. The Select Board are considering a final draft of the Housing Production Plan, and the plan should be adopted by February 2024.

More Information on the Housing Production Plan

Local Rapid Recovery Plan (Coolidge Corner and JFK Crossing) - Implementation

The Coolidge Corner & JFK Crossing Rapid Recovery Plan (RRP) is an actionable, project-based recovery plan tailored to the unique economic challenges and COVID-19 related impacts to Coolidge Corner and JFK Crossing. The Economic Development & Long-Term Planning Division is currently working on implementing RRP projects. Identifying and applying for available grant funding - at the local, state, and federal level, as well as private foundation grant resources - is a top priority.

More Information on the Local Rapid Recovery Plan

Frequently Asked Questions on Upcoming Projects & Studies

Chestnut Hill Commercial Area 

  • public participation planned for Spring 2024

Affordable Housing Overlay District Study

  • Housing Advisory Board Subcommittee secured funding from Select Board 1/9/2024
  • Consultant being hired in Spring 2024

Fisher Hill West Land Uses Study - planned to commence Summer 2024

  • A use study for the land on Fisher Hill Avenue formerly known as the west side of Newbury College campus, recently purchased by the Town, authorized by Town Meeting and the general voters in 2020.

Babcock Street Study

  • Select Board interested in converting Babcock Street public parking lot to housing
  • Conceptual studies on hold until parking utilization study is completed by DPW including Coolidge Corner, also part of the Local Rapid Recovery Plan
  • Estimated start date Fall 2024

Waldo Durgin

Brookline Housing Authority - Walnut & High Street

  • Zoning changed in Fall 2023 in partnership with Brookline Housing Authority as part of the M-District Overlay Zoning effort
  • BHA working on securing conceptual planning funds in 2024 and then will start workshops with existing residents

Kent Street Affordable Senior Housing

Kent Street Affordable HousingA proposal for suitable Air Rights development of Affordable Senior Housing over the Kent/Station Street Parking Lot, with retention of the public parking on the site. This proposal is on hold until the Transportation Division proposes to the Transportation Board to what extent some commercial public parking spaces currently utilizing this site may be accommodated in other nearby rights-of-way.

Kent/Station Street Affordable Senior Housing Committee Webpage

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