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The rates above can be compared to Eversource’s fixed price supply rate for residential service, which is 11.882 cents/kWh from January through June 2021. The Brookline Green Electricity supply rate is fixed through December 2022.You can review the historical long-term performance of the Brookline Green Electricity program compared to Eversource rates here.

Summary of Brookline Green Electricity Program

In summer 2017, the Town of Brookline launched Brookline Green Electricity to purchase electric supply—and offer more options for renewable energy—at stable, competitive rates. Direct Energy Services is the retail electricity supplier for the Town of Brookline and numerous other Community Electricity Aggregation programs in Massachusetts. Under the program, Eversource Energy will continue to deliver the electric supply to households and businesses with no change in the quality of service just as it has since the program launched in 2017.

All of the extra renewable energy in the Brookline Green Electricity program qualifies as MA Class I renewable energy, and it is provided through local non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance. Learn more about our Energy Supply here.

Why renewable energy? The Town is committed to increasing access to affordable renewable energy regardless of income level.  Our dependence on burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is one of the biggest producers of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy, like wind power, reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, displacing the polluting emissions they produce. Something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on our community.

According to our energy broker (Good Energy), in 2019, Brookline Green Electricity bought a 36,198 MWh of extra MA Class I renewable energy, above and beyond State requirements. These voluntary purchases are equivalent to the output of the annual production of about 8 typical wind turbines (1.5 MW each).