Energy Choices

To give consumers maximum flexibility, starting January 1, 2020, the Town’s Brookline Green Electricity program now offers four products with different amounts of additional renewable energy: 0%, 30%, 65%, and 100%.

Brookline Green Electricity’s competitive prices are fixed through December 1, 2022. At the end of the contract term, the Town will bid for a new electric supplier to obtain competitive rates for the program. Prices are only for electric supply (generation of electricity); your electricity bill also has delivery charges which are not affected by this program.

how to sign up

Program Benefits

  • Competitive pricing and rate stability
  • A choice of renewable energy options
  • Eversource continues to deliver electricity to your home or business.
  • Receive a single bill from Eversource
  • No change in quality of Eversource’s services
  • Contact Eversource for billing issues or outages
  • Tax deductions provided for products offering additional renewable energy
  • Option to leave the program at any time with no early-exit fee.
  • Retain Budget Billing
  • Budget Plan and Low-Income Delivery rate customers retain Eversource benefits

Choosing a Brookline Green Electricity Product

You can select a different product in the program at any time during the contract term - all online!. If you want to speak with Direct Energy Services and/or leave the Town’s electricity aggregation program, call 866-968-8065.

2020 green products

Adds 30% additional renewable energy to amount State requires.Adds 65% additional renewable energy to amount State requires.Adds 100% additional renewable energy to amount State requires.Adds 0% additional renewable energy to amount State requires.
Itemized tax deduction available; learn more from your tax advisor.Itemized tax deduction available; learn more from your tax advisor.Itemized tax deduction calculation automatically sent to you from our partner, Green Energy Consumers Alliance. Learn more from your tax advisor.No itemized tax deduction available.

Compare to Eversource Basic Service

If you are interested in opting out of the Brookline Green Electricity program, first learn more about Eversource supply rates for all classes. For example, the residential six month fixed rate was 12.422 cents/kWh for Jan through Jun 2020 and is 9.877 cents/kWh for Jul through Dec 2020.

Join the Program

Brookline Green Electricity customers that were enrolled prior to January 2020 received a notification letter from the Town of Brookline and Direct Energy Services announcing that following a competitive bid to extend the Town’s Brookline Green electricity program, the Town selected Direct Energy Services as its new retail electricity supplier, which will be reflected in the January 2020 electricity bill. These customers are not required to take any action. 

If you are a resident or business new to Brookline, you  can immediately join Brookline Green Electricity. You may also receive a notice in the mail from the Town’s electric supplier, Direct Energy Services, announcing that you will be automatically enrolled in the default 30% product at the end of a 30-day opt-out period, unless you sign up for a different product or opt out of the Brookline Green Electricity program. State law requires that municipal bulk-purchasing programs automatically enroll ratepayers in a default product after an opt-out period to attract competitive rates from bidding suppliers.

If you currently purchase electricity from a third-party supplier and want to join Brookline Green Electricity, first verify your supplier’s termination policy to avoid paying early-exit fees. 

There is no fee to join Brookline Green Electricity, and you can leave at any time with no early-exit fees.

Electricity Information Disclosure Label 

This label is updated quarterly by the energy supplier for Brookline Green Electricity following standards from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. It provides you information about the generation sources, emissions profile and labor characteristics of the electricity in all Brookline Green Electricity products.