Billing & Disclosures

Compare Rates

Eversource changes its supply rates every six months. The Brookline Green Electricity supply rates will not change for a 35 month period (January 2020 through December 1, 2022). To compare Brookline Green Electricity prices with Eversource Basic Service prices, learn more on our Energy Choices page.

One Bill, Two Main Components

  • Electricity Supply: Participating in the Brookline Green Electricity program means that your electricity supply comes from Direct Energy Services; generation charges are based on which of the four products you choose: Brookline Green, Brookline Green 65, Brookline All Green, and Brookline Basic. Although not reflected on your bill, Direct Energy Services purchases the renewable energy component of electricity supply from Green Consumers Alliance (formerly known as Mass Energy Consumers Alliance). If you decide to opt out of the Brookline Green Electricity program, Eversource will become your electricity supplier.
  • Electricity Delivery: Delivery rates are not affected by which electricity supplier you choose; therefore, this rate is not affected by whether you participate in the Brookline Green Electricity program or not. For Brookline, Eversource delivers electricity for all electricity customers.

Learn More about your Electricity Bill

Whether or not you participate in the Brookline Green Electricity program, each month you will receive just one bill from Eversource. Eversource's website has a very helpful webpage describing all the parts of a typical residential electricity bill. The Brookline Green Electricity program affects only the supply portion, and Direct Energy Services is shown on your bill from Eversource as the Supplier.

What is Eversource responsible for as the Electricity Delivery Utility Company?

Whether or not you participate in the Brookline Green Electricity program, Eversource will continue to be the utility company that provides electricity delivery. This means that whether or not you participate in the Brookline Green Electricity program, you will retain the following benefits:

  • Continue to receive one bill from Eversource, the utility that delivers the electricity to your household or business from the supplier.
  • Retain Budget Bill option (equal payment plan).
  • For customers in need, retain Lower-Income Delivery rate benefits through Eversource
  • No changes to your meter. Eversource continues to read your meter.
  • Contact Eversource for billing issues or outages: 800-592-2000 (residential accounts) and 800-340-9822 (business accounts)
  • Retain the same quality service from Eversource.

Electricity Information Disclosure Label 

This label is updated quarterly by the energy supplier for Brookline Green Electricity following standards from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. It provides you information about the generation sources, emissions profile and labor characteristics of the electricity in all Brookline Green Electricity products.