Rates & Billing

Providing stable, competitive rates to residents and businesses

One bill, two main components:

  • Electricity Supply: Fixed generation charges differ among the three product choices: Brookline Basic, Green, All Green
  • Electricity Delivery: Delivery rates are the same for all customers

Contact Eversource, which delivers electricity, to report billing issues, emergencies, or outages:
800-592-2000 (residential accounts) and 

800-340-9822 (business accounts).

To choose a different product, join the program, or leave the program, call the Town's electric supplier Dynegy at 866-220-5696.

Compare Prices

About Billing

Understanding Your Bill

Compare Prices

Eversource changes its supply rates every six months. To compare Brookline Green Electricity prices with Eversource Basic Service prices for January 2019 - June 2019, link here  (PDF).  Eversource rates effective July 1, 2019, can be found here:  https://www.eversource.com/content/ema-c/residential/my-account/billing-payments/about-your-bill/rates-tariffs/basic-service 

Brookline Green Electricity prices are fixed through January 2020 and are the same for all rate classes (residential, business, industrial). After the term ends, the Town will have a new supplier offering competitive rates.

Brookline Basic


No additional renewable energy

  • $0.10389 per kWh

Brookline Green


Additional renewable energy 

  • $0.11098 per kWh

Brookline All Green


Additional renewable energy

  • $0.13198 per kWh
  • Call Dynegy at 866-220-5696 to change your product or join the program. Have your Eversource Acct No. 

About Billing

Your bill consists of two main costs--electric supply and delivery. The program affects only the supply portion of your bill. Dynegy is the Town's electricity supplier. Dynegy purchases the renewable energy portion of the electricity supply from Mass Energy. Eversource is the utility that delivers the electricity to your household or business. Each month you will receive just one bill from Eversource.


  • Continue to receive one bill from Eversource, the utility that delivers the electricity to your household or business from the supplier.
  • Retain Budget Bill (equal payment plan).
  • Retain Budget Plan and Lower-Income Delivery rate benefits through Eversource
  • No changes to your meter. Eversource continues to read your meter.
  • Contact Eversource for billing issues or outages: 800-592-2000 (residential accounts) and 800-340-9822 (business accounts)
  • Retain the same quality service from Eversource.

Understanding Your Bill

This sample bill and key below it explain the components of your bill. The program affects only the supply portion.


- Eversource customer number. Use this number to choose a product, join the program, or leave the program.

B - The account holder

C - The cost of supplying the electricity from Dynegy (including the renewable energy from Mass Energy)

D - The cost of delivering the electricity by Eversource to your household or business

E, F - The name of the company supplying the electricity (call Eversource for billing issues and emergencies)

G - The amount of energy you used, in kilowatt hours

H -  The price per kilowatt hour of the electric supply only