Energy Suppliers

After a competitive bidding process, the Town selected Dynegy to supply the community's electricity. Dynegy has a contract with local non-profit Mass Energy to purchase the renewable energy portion of the electric supply. When the contract ends in January 2020, the Town will go out to bid for a new supplier to obtain competitive supply rates.

Your bill has two main costs:

  • Electricity supply or generation of the electricity. The supply is drawn from electric produced by burning pollution-causing natural gas and, depending on the product you chose, additional renewable energy produced by non-polluting wind power.
  • Electricity delivery from the power grid to your household or business.


Dynegy generates electricity locally from natural gas plants located primarily in New England. DISCLOSURE

Mass Energy

Mass Energy obtains renewable energy from locally produced 100% non-polluting New England renewable energy. The purchase of renewable energy in the form of Massachusetts Class I Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) ensures that NEW renewable energy is added to the ISO-New England power grid. Ensure that the renewable energy you purchase adds NEW renewable energy to the power grid. For more on this topic, read Mass Energy's explanation of the value of MA Class I RECs to avoid greenwashing. 

Locally generated electricity at stable, competitive rates supports the Massachusetts economy. 


Eversource is the utility that continues to deliver electricity from the power grid to your household or business and to maintain the power lines and infrastructure. Contact Eversource to report billing issues, outages, and emergencies.