HPAYT Automated Trash Collection

In the HPAYT Automated Waste Collection Program, waste carts are collected by a vehicle equipped with an automated arm. The arm lifts the waste cart from the ground and dumps the contents into the vehicle. Subscribers to Town Refuse Collection choose a black waste cart, from a variety of available sizes, that accommodates their weekly trash output. The DPW then delivers the cart to the customer. If a customer has more trash than their waste cart can hold in any given week, they may put any additional garbage in a purple plastic overflow bag imprinted with the Town seal. The overflow bag is placed next to the black trash cart.

HPAYT Pricing Structure

Rather than billing all customers at the same flat rate of $200 per year (as Brookline residents are accustomed), each account is billed at a tiered rate, where the size of the waste cart they choose determines their annual refuse costs. Subscribers will continue to receive quarterly bills.

Trash Collection

Residents may choose from three cart sizes:

  • 35 gallon (holds 3 kitchen bags); $230 annually; $57.50 quarterly
  • 65 gallon (holds 6 kitchen bags); $310 annually; $77.50 quarterly
  • 95 gallon (holds 10 kitchen bags); $392 annually; $98.00 quarterly

The annual refuse fee (billed quarterly) is based on one (1) trash cart per residential unit, and are invoiced based on the carts chosen, with two exceptions*:

  • If there are more carts than residential units at a property, the customer will be invoiced according to the annual rate of the selected carts.
  • If there are fewer carts than residential units at a property, the customer will be invoiced at the annual rate of the selected carts, or $230.00 per unit, whichever is higher.
    *Changes made to cart size will be reflected in the next quarterly bill.

Purple Overflow Bags:

  • 30 gallon; $18.50 for 5 bags
  • Sold in local stores

Recycling Collection

Recycling carts are included in the annual refuse fee at no extra charge.

  • Recycling carts are available in three (3) sizes: 35 gallon, 65 gallon (standard), 95 gallon
  • Customers may request an additional recycling cart without impacting their annual refuse fee.

Cart Request

If you need a trash or recycling cart, please email: [email protected]